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spare clips for v70 lavalier
by chippieuk on 2012-09-11 07:12:35.8690

The clip on one of our v70 lavalier microphones has broken. Ever radio Mic I have ever used has had replacement clips available, as they are effectively a consumable item.

So i have had a conversation with line 6 on a support ticket about getting hold of some spares in the UK. Their response is that they are not available, which i find hard to believe.

So,has anyone been able to get any spares, or know of any other manufactures clips that work with the line 6 lavaliers?

Re: spare clips for v70 lavalier
by RonMarton on 2012-09-11 11:09:22.0030

I'm with you there, chippieuk...

I found it truly bizarre that no clips came with my first four "individual" THH12 handhelds that were ordered as "alternatives" to my XD-V70L lavalier-equipped systems, yet when I received my latest XD-V75 as a handheld-equipped package, it came with a clip supplied !

The good news?

I've found that these amazingly cheap Quik-Lok's MP-890 from Amazon work really well with THH12's, (and the likes of Shure's PGX and Sennheiser's "G" series) although the latter half of my initial order of four arrived a full eight weeks after the pair that were listed as "2 new" being available. It seems Amazon only ever stock two at a time...(?)

For additional "security" when faced with situations like multiple people "attacking" a fairground's "announce" mic, or a "swinging" boom-mounted mic for a keyboard-player or drummer, I heartily recommend this style of shock-mount by way of really cheap "insurance":

or this:

Aside from being really effective in their intended function of eliminating footfalls and "whoomp" feedback from mechanically conducted rostrum "rumble", they lend a "don't touch me, I'm expensive pro gear" appearance that really seems to discourage mic "grabbing".

They also accommodate a huge range of mics, and allow far less bass (HPF) roll-off to be used when picking-up the vital lower register of instruments such as baritone sax, bass trombone and floor toms from mics as diverse as Audix D4's and Shure Beta 57's.


I share your annoyance when it comes to Line 6's lavalier mics, as things aren't quite as easily solved, ...unless you (or a friend "across the pond") have access to a U.S. mailing address, in which case the original clips can be ordered direct from Line 6, quite cheaply:

Fortunately, I've also found that the clips for Sennheiser's MKE's are a far more versatile (if far more expensive) solution. Not only will they expand to securely grip the slightly fatter cable of the Line 6 lavalier, (with the careful application of long-nose pliers) but they also allow for "twin" mounting and left or right orientation, as well as accommodating being clipped straight up or down, ...really handy for mounting over the necklines of some garments.

As you so rightly say, the clips are "consumables", but our valuable mics most definitely shouldn't be !

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