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Convert L6 link to spdif
by theShowmakers on 2012-09-13 00:17:13.0170


is there a way to convert a L6 link Signal to spdif?

I have the SS M20d with the L6 link output and want to connect this to a Speaker System which have also an spdif input (spdif coax and spdif optical).

At the moment i'm using the analog Main Out at the SS and connect this with the analog Input of the Speaker System. This works, but if ther is a digital way, i think this ist the better solution. Therefore i want to convert the digital L6 link output to common spdif, if this is possible.

What i don't want to do is to convert the analog Main Out to spdif. Because if i have to use the analog Main Out i can directly use the analog input of the Speaker System.

Thanks for yout help

Re: Convert L6 link to spdif
by silverhead on 2012-09-13 06:27:43.1080

I suspect it's not so simple as a data conversion. L6 Link is a proprietary protocol; I am not 100% sure but I strongly suspect that the connected equipment at both ends must be L6 devices that can handle the protocol. Even if you were able to convert the L6 Link digital data to spdif, your receiving speaker system would probably not be able to understand/interpret the data. The data contains more than just the digitized audio; there is control data as well.

I think what you want is for the SS to add an spdif output, which requires additional hardware. Not likely to happen anytime soon, but you can make a feature request here:">">

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