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PODxt won't update Flash Memory
by BradBreakerXXX on 2012-09-13 14:39:15.1270

I was looking to update my PODxt so that I could use the parametric EQ as when I try to search for it on PodXT it's nowhere to be found.  In line 6 monkey by flash update it has a question mark next to it and it won't let me update

I've seen other posts by people where they say in monkey you should be able to select the flash memory and then go to update from file to force it, but my monkey program doesn't have that option.  Is there a different version of monkey other than the 1.59 that I downloaded for the XT that would let me do this?

I've tried uninstalling everything and using ccleaner to clean out my registry.  Then reinstalling but I still get the same issues.  on my POD it says it is a PODxt 1.02 if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm getting very frustrated.

UPDATE 9/24/12: I got a 5 dollar midi to usb cable off Ebay and it worked with the midi cable.

Re: PODxt won't update Flash Memory
by BradBreakerXXX on 2012-09-13 15:12:20.7150

I just don't understand it.  It lets me update everything else. 

Re: PODxt won't update Flash Memory
by toneman2121 on 2012-09-16 09:37:56.4540

Q: My unit cannot update via USB, and I have Flash Memory 1.0x.  How do I update from Flash Memory 1.0x to a newer version? A: First verify you have flash memory 1.0x. Please hit the TUNER button and scroll using the SELECT knob to the last page. If you have a version later than 1.0x, you can use your USB connection. In order to update your PodXt from version 1.0x to the latest version, you will need to download Line 6 monkey (as described above) as well as a MIDI to USB interface. We recommend the MIDI SPORT UNO from M-AUDIO.  Install the drivers for your interface, then run LINE 6 MONKEY with your POD XT unit connected to your interface. Click on the CONNECT USING MIDI CABLES button, and make sure that you see the MIDI IN and MIDI OUTS set to your interface. Then go through the FLASH MEMORY installation as described above. After this is done, you will be able to update your PODxt series unit using USB.  See the following link for more information on connecting to your Line 6 unit via Midi:

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