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HD Pro - B/UB Outputs together
by Phoenix1350 on 2012-09-15 08:23:28.7130

Im trying to set my POD HD Pro for some upcoming gigs. I've never used direct outputs live before, and some of our venues don't have the best foldbacks.

Is it possible to use both the 1/4" unbalanced and the XLR balanced outputs at the same time?

ie: plugging 1/4" outputs into power amp (then cab) for onstage monitoring, while also sending the XLR output to the FOH. (will plugging into one output cancel out the other?)


Re: HD Pro - B/UB Outputs together
by silverhead on 2012-09-15 08:38:00.2430

You can use both sets of outputs together - plugging into one pair does not mute the other pair. However, you cannot send different output signals over the two pairs. In other words, the signal you send out of both pairs will either include the cab/mic simulations (STUDIO mode) or it won't (one of the LIVE modes).

Ideally you'd like to send a STUDIO signal to the FOH and a LIVE signal to your power amp. I believe there's a way to do this that involves the FX Loop but I don't have personal experience with it. You can search other threads for this approach, or perhaps another user with experience in that area can chime in here.

Re: HD Pro - B/UB Outputs together
by Phoenix1350 on 2012-09-15 23:29:53.4190

Thank you. This is what i was after.

I understand that you can't send different signals to the different outputs. But is there a way? Does anyone know if this can be done using the FX loop and how?

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