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POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by rojocito on 2012-09-16 04:04:35.6750

First Disclaimer:  I'm new to this and I'm learning.  I apologize for ignorance in my questions.

There's a lot of posts about output wiring so I guess it's okay that I'm confused.  I have an Orange Dark Terror (has an FX Loop) and a POD HD Desktop/Bean.  I have it simply set up as follows just to get started:

Output Mode: Stack Front

Guitar -> POD Guitar In

POD Unbalanced Out L -> AMP Guitar In

I use effects more than models and recognize that this will work but A) will only allow me to put effects and models in front of my amp and B) my tone will always be "colored" by my Amp's tone.

The following statement from (">"> describes what I simply desire to do best:

"Even if you always use your amp's pre-amp for you amp tone, never using the Pod's amp models, you may still prefer to hook up the Pod via the 4CM, so that you can position effects before and after the pre-amp, rather than just after."

However, every reference to the 4CM refers to a FX Out/Loop on the POD HD and is usually refering to the 300/400/500.  I specifically wanted the Desktop/Bean with a FBV Shortboard so that I could use pedal controls but have the "Ergomics" of having my controls at hand (I play in my home studio most often).  The Desktop/Bean does not appear to have this output, only Unbalanced R/L. 

Therefore, I'm assuming that my only option for using my Amp's FX Loop is:

Output Mode: Stack Power Amp

Guitar -> POD Guitar In

POD Unbalanced Out L -> AMP FX Return

I believe that the downside here is that I do not have the option to use my Amp's pre-amp. 

Am I thinking correctly here?  It appears that there is a limitation with regards to 4CM with the Desktop/Bean, right?  Was this a logical limitation?  I.E.  Am I using the "wrong device" for the job?  I'll be able to do 80% of what I want to do with either set up above, but if I can get full value out of the device, I'd prefer it. 



Re: POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by toneman2121 on 2012-09-16 08:11:46.1920

i have a bean and an amp with an effects loop. my set up is guitar to amp in, pod line out to fx receive, fx send to pod guitar in. works fine for me. i've used this configuratin since pod 2.0.

Re: POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by rojocito on 2012-09-16 12:53:13.9960

Great!  Just to be clear, when you say "pod line out to fx receive" are you talking about one of the two unbalanced 1/4" outputs on the POD (Right or Left)? 

Re: POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by toneman2121 on 2012-09-16 13:29:09.2290

actually my amp is stereo so i use both 1/4 outputs. but i pretty sure you can use either

Re: POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by spaceatl on 2012-09-16 14:45:49.6680

I ran my HD Bean in 4CM...It's a tweaky setup, but it works pretty well with amplifiers that the Master volume is after the FX Loop return...

Re: POD HD Bean/Desktop - Best Output Wiring Options
by stevem48048 on 2012-09-17 20:07:35.4740

Well, I've just connected my POD HD Desktop to my Line 6 HD147 FULL STACK and under " NO " configuration can i get it to actually sound awesome.

It sounds "OK" @ best hooked into the front of the amp on a clean model . But through the effects loop - "Forget It" !!! Trust for the last 2 weeks i've

researched this unit, Asked questions, Watched Videos. So i fully understand how it works. Yes i've set my line inputs for the stack and tried the other ones.

Still can't get anything gr8 from it. Connecting it to the Input of the HD147 gets way too colored by the amps EQ. You can adjust the EQ of the amp so that it's

"OK", But i still dont care for it . And running it through the Effects Loop, It looses "ALL" of it's punch. The bass is real shallow sounding . The Gain stage of the

Rectifier gets reduced to that of a MARSHALL JCM800 Hotrodded . And no amount of eqing or distortion pedal etc. brings it even close to that of the PC.

Now on a that note , Hooking it through my PC for recording is totally awesome to say the least. In this configuration "DIRECT/STUDIO" it falls nothing short of phenominal .

Even the sound that's recorded is authentic to what you hear as your recording . "But" I really wanted the flexability of being able to connect it to my HD147

with outstanding results as well but no dice . The problem here is , I own the LINE 6 UX8 in which i also own PODFARM PLATINUM 2.5, No you cant get the clarity

of the POD HD through PODFARM PLATINUM, But the sounds you can create are awesome. Been tempted to return it "POD HD" a few times now, But i've actually fell

in love with it for my PC. Just wish i could've known ahead of time. I'd have probably went with the HD500 or something of the same nature. Kinda feel like i got handed the

keys to a Diablo but when i tried to start it, I realized they never put the intake on. LOL - "LINE 6 equipment is awesome" !!!  If you want the best sound possible for recording,

And your on a budget and really can't afford the amps of the models that are in these babies, Then this is for sure for you ... "HANDS DOWN" !!!

P.S.- By no meens am i an export with the POD HD Desktop. Just an owner of some gr8

        LINE 6 equipment sharing my oppinion on it.

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