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by dialtech on 2012-09-16 10:56:15.1400

As part of my retirement activities, I thought it would be fun to buy an electric guitar and get back into music.

So I purchased a Strat and started looking at some Line 6 products.

I am still new to Line 6 products. Purchased Guitar Port earlier this year and then it was discontinued.

Then Line 6 shut down Guitar Port Online. Wow, what great products!. To bad I got to the party too late.

I then purchased a Line 6 Spider Jam. Also a great product. After reading through many forums,

I get the felling that the 2.09 Firmware last updated Oct 22, 2008, is the end of thie line.

Can anyone at tell me if there are firmware upgrades coming?

I can see a great product become better with a firmware upgrade to include:

- Larger than 2GB SD memory cards

- NTFS support

- Ability to upload tones into user tone banks.

Thank you,

Re: Firmware
by TheRealZap on 2012-09-16 11:40:32.6930

i think the SD slot on the jam has a hardware limitation so that those ideas won't happen with the current jam.

NTFS has to be licensed from microsoft i think, but if 2GB is the max size... then there really isn't any point in anything except fat32.

as far as uploading tones, i don't think there is any tone sharing for any of the spider III line (yes a spider jam is a spider III product)

having said all that... with spider 4 having some age on it now... i'd suspect that spider 5 might not be too far out... and possibly a new version of the jam...

pure speculation on my part.... but i think that a newer version is more likely than a significant firmware update for the current products... my opinion anyway.

welcome to the party!

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