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HD Pro with GT800FX
by Phoenix1350 on 2012-09-16 23:02:54.8180

I've recently been looking into getting a Matrix GT800FX power amp to use with the Pod HD Pro for live use, however im confused a little about how to setup the outputs for this situation.

The power-amp offers no 'colouring' and is designed for use with amp modelling such as POD and Axe Fx, does this mean I should use the STUDIO/DIRECT output setting when plugging into it?

I will be plugging the GT800FX into a randall 2x12 cab, however the cab i have uses Celestion Seventy 80's, which were the best reccomended for 'neutral sound' (used as extention for Vetta combo)

So in all, the power-amp and cab will be offering very little in the way of 'colouring' the sound. Which is the best output mode for the HD Pro? STUDIO/DIRECT, COMBO/STACK FULL, COMBO/STACK PRE?


Re: HD Pro with GT800FX
by HDProJohn on 2012-09-17 08:54:20.5310

Studio/Direct is intended for running straight into a DAW or for an FRFR type of setup. My guess is that you should run in this mode for best results given your gear. Likewise, there is no right/wrong answer.

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