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"Jet Swell" please read if you recognize those two words.
by kevzord on 2012-09-19 22:10:14.3350

So I got this used Line 6 Pod Xt and it had an effect on it called Jet Swell which made these awesome explosive sounding noises when combined with Bad Horsie and other tones that were on the line 6 already. Well this pod is my first one ive ever got so being a dumbass, I was messing around with the save options and im like, oh kool I can rename Jet Swell so i mess around and BOOM! Jet Swell gets replaced with what I was saving.

    It broke my heart when it stopped working, I have tried to make another swell like effect to sound like it but have failed. It was so beautiful it brought joy to unicorns and i ruined it...

So if anyone out there who made this beautiful "Jet Swell" effect could report to me and tell me how they made it or send me the patch for it (if you still have it), it would bring so much joy to my heart to have it again and play explosive nuclear solos to sooth lonely souls.


                                                                                        Jet Swell!!!!

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