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FBV Shortboard mkII - Won't boot after update
by yetitracks on 2012-09-19 22:40:53.2610

I just got my FBV Shortboard mkII today, and I've been playing around with it. It was working great, but the pedal needed to be calibrated. I found out I had to update the firmware to do so. I updated the firmware with Line 6 Monkey, and it seemed to have went through ok. BUT now when I plug it in to the usb port, all I get is the following:

-flashes 'usb mode'

-then goes to normal cc info for a second, and green 'volume' led lights up

-volume led goes off

-flashes 'usb mode'

And it just repeats indefinitely. It's like the FBV is stuck in some POST boot loop and won't stop.

Now Monkey and FBV Control won't see the device, so I can't try to re-install the firmware.

I don't have a Spider amp to use via ethernet. I only use this for midi control (using Guitar Rig)

I'm freaking out! I loved this thing for the two hours I got to use it, but now it feels like I've just flushed my money down the drain.

I really hope someone can help me here.

I've posted a video on Youtube showing the symptoms.

Re: FBV Shortboard mkII - Won't boot after update
by yetitracks on 2012-09-19 23:31:13.8520

Ok so I plugged it in to my laptop and it works fine, hallelujah!

Now I see the problem must be with the driver on my desktop. Somehow it must have gotten screwed up.

Can someone help me understand how to uninstall the driver so I can reinstall it? I looked in device manager but don't see the FBV. I assume it's one of the 'USB Composite Devices' - but I have four listed.

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