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XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-19 23:21:18.8780

I wonder if anyone could help me in search of a compatible headset for the XD-V35 transmitter, at an affordable price? I have looked at JTS CM 804i and -825i, which both can be delivered with a 3.5 mm stereo jack. I hope an mini jack to 1/4" adaptor can be used to suit the transmitter. However, I'm not sure if there is any show stoppers in wiring, impedance, sensitivity etc.

JTS CM 825i: Frequency Response 50 ~ 18,000Hz, Sensitivity (at 1 KHz) -53±3 dB* (2.24mV)*0dB=1V/μbar, Impedance 1.2kΩ

JTS CM 804i: Frequency Response 60 ~ 15,000Hz, Sensitivity (at 1 KHz) -64±3 dB* (0.63mV)*0dB=1V/μbar, Impedance 1.8kΩ

Anyone who know this, or have other suggestions?

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by RonMarton on 2012-09-20 10:03:42.2550

Putting the actual choice of headset mics to one side for the moment, Ivar...

When you say "mini jack to 1/4" adapter", it's my firm belief that using the tubular style, (effectively a 1/4" tip-ring-sleeve jack-plug with a 3.5mm "stereo headset hole" in its top) ...would be courting DISASTER.

There are several reasons behind the amazingly low price of the XD-V35 system with its TBP06 beltpack, given its array of features and unparallelled transparency of sound.

The one that's most relevant to this discussion is its cheap (hence lightweight) construction.

Accordingly, anything that increases sideways leverage at the connection point will almost certainly end in tears before bedtime, so the best way of making the connection that you have in mind would be by using a short 1/4" T.R.S. plug to 3.5mm "stereo headset" socket extension cable.

JTS only give very sketchy information about any of their products, but they certainly are very competitively priced.

Given my location, (Australia) I was surprised to find that none of the Pacific-based audio professionals that I spoke to today had any experience of their mics, so it seems you'd be something of a pioneer, should you try them.

Nevertheless, I would have thought that the 5 volts DC on the TBP06 connector's ring (intended to power Line 6's lavalier mic) should be pretty right for either of the JTS headset electrets ...and I'd also expect that they'd have followed convention by having that voltage being applied to the ring of their 3.5mm plug.

Regrettably, it'll cost you to find out ...and will be money down the drain should it not yield good results.

You could, however, become our hero on reporting back that you've discovered a half-priced headset solution !

Do you already own an XD-V35 system ?

If not, I'd seriously consider avoiding experimentation by moving higher up the model range to acquire a beltpack with the much more versatile TA4F connector, (starting with the XD-V55) which would allow you to directly employ known (if more expensive) headset mics, ...such as the one's I'm using, Samson's SE50's.

If you do already own a V35, you might consider buying a TBP12 as a second beltpack, the first six channels of which will work with your XD-V35.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-20 11:39:15.5250

Thank you very much for your views on this - I certainly need some advise from experts, since I'm very far from beeing one myself. I already have this XD-V35 (L) system with the lavalier mic, and like the small and compact design of it. And the price. I will certainly report back any result on my research for a suitable headset. I could try the Line 6 HS30, but I think my wife (who is going to use this) think it will disturb her beautiful appearance.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-20 12:01:06.1760

Looked at your Samson SE50. Seems as is has a 2.5 mm jack, and with adaptors including a 3.5 mm jack. What do you think about trying this?

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by RonMarton on 2012-09-20 13:01:52.0070

The pictures of the Samson SE50's adapters are a bit misleading, in that their supplied 3.5mm adapter has a "screw lock" skirt that fastens to Sennheiser's "G" series beltpacks.

That skirt means it lacks the shaft length to securely mate with a conventional 3.5mm stereo headset-style socket, but as you'd need to employ a leverage-reducing adapter extension cable anyway, there'd also be nothing stopping you making up a 1/4" T.R.S. jack to TA4M cable in order to widen your choice of mics.

Having said that, being roughly half the price of the Samson, (which itself is half the price of some other headset mics) it would be really interesting to learn whether the Taiwanese JTS mics do the job, because, as you say, (like the SE50's) they'd certainly be a lot less obtrusive looking than conventional headset mics.

I'd be going for the lower sensitivity of the two (825i) as the Line 6 signal path exhibits no hiss.

I (and no doubt lots of other XD-V users) look forward to your report.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-21 05:14:32.5560

I must admit that I don't understand that a 3.5 mm to 1.4" cable is required. It seems to be a more odd solution. A standard adaptor as this one should work?

However, I have continued my research, and wonder if you can have a view on this Proel headset alternative:

According to the below link (and many other links), the Proel 3.5 mm jack is compatible with the Sennheiser system:

Looking at the Sennheiser system, the wiring system seems to be similar the Line 6 TBP06 beltpack (see page 32), i.e,;  TBP06 Beltpack 1/4" TRS Connector Pinout: Tip = Signal , Ring = Bias Voltage (5VDC), Sleeve = Ground:

I'm quite sure that the wiring is the same in JTS alternative, but have not found any information about it (I sent an e-mail to JTS, but have not heard anything from them yet).

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by RonMarton on 2012-09-21 10:44:58.4540

You're right, Ivar...

It's certainly odd !  But then so are those of us who work in audio...

There's nothing wrong in using one of those cheap adapters for testing or to "just to get started". As soon as you do, however, you'll feel what I'm talking about.

Having that adapter, plus the mics own connector, extending from the beltpack effectively forms a long lever that has its fulcrum at a "bend" point formed by the "lip" of the hole that allows the 1/4" jack plug into the transmitter body.

That lever must repeatedly be moved by the performer's body and (trust me on this) will eventually damage circuitry inside the lightweight beltpack, causing you to say things like "Oh my goodness, this no longer seems to work...", or a shorter phrase to that effect.  

Hence the need for a short length of coventional lead from jack to mic-socket in order to keep the "bending" to a level that the beltpack was intended to withstand and move the "join" to a less stressful position.

My friends at RAI (Italy's National TV network) are very happy using their Proel HCM08's, so I reckon they must sound OK and (as you say) it seems that they should also work well with Line 6 beltpacks.

Now if you look closely at the photo of Proel's supplied 3.5mm AD3AK adapter for Sennheiser "G" series beltpacks, you'll see a silver ring adjacent to the flesh-coloured moulded body of the adapter itself.

That ring forms an internally  threaded "skirt" which twists on to a mating thread around the "G" series mic input hole, locking the plug into its socket and (importantly) allows only a shorter length of its shaft to enter a standard 3.5mm socket.

That's why I've suggested making up a TA4 adapter for headset mics such as Countryman, Crown, Proel (AD4SH) and Samson.

In case you're wondering why I'm avoiding simply chopping the end from one of these mic's cables and re-terminating it with a 3.5mm plug, those cables are constructed with amazingly strong strands of polymer (very often Kevlar) re-enforcement material woven into their copper conductors, making them an abolute nightmare to solder, fact almost impossibe to do reliably.

The good news is that it makes their originally supplied, moulded connectors really tough.

Incidentally, I find these cheap belt pouches really handy:

(I own eight.)

I'm really looking forward to your reporting of the solution you finally achieve.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-25 23:20:58.8810

I'm not finished with my search, and are not very eager to buy without trying (or at least knowing) that it will work. However, I have looked a bit more on the Samson SE50 (and the cheaper SE10) sets. Could i be possible to not use the adaptors, but just use the 2.5 mm jack from the cable to a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter, and then to a 1/4" adapter (I cannot find anythin that jups fomr 2.5 mm to 1/4")?

I just found another alternative on the internet - These can be delivered with a connector for Line 6 V30 (and all other alternatives)!! This seems to be a promising alternative. Any opinion?

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by dboomer on 2012-09-26 15:07:32.9710

"I wonder if anyone could help me in search of a compatible headset for the XD-V35 transmitter,"

I guess it all depends on what you mean by "compatable"?

For example ... with the users be singing or speaking?  Loudly or softly?

Will there be more than one user?

Will the mic be used in a loud environment (stage monitors)?

How much isolation do you need?


Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-26 22:04:55.3350

By compatible I ment firstly that it can connect to the odd 1/4" connector, and that it produces sound..... It will be used for speaking, mainly by one person (my wife), but may also be used by others. Normally it will be used with a small/compact PA-system, without monitors. I' quite new to his, so I'm not sure how much isolation that is required. However, by trying the Line 6 XD-V35L lavalier mic in our living room, I get feedback problems. I'm not sure it that will improve in a larger romm, where we intend to use this. No beards...

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by dboomer on 2012-09-27 08:45:56.6500

Almost anything that will work with any other beltpack will work when you change the connector.  I would also advise against adaptors.  Adaptors are meant to be used as a temporary solution and should not be used for continuous use (mostly for the reasons Ron cited above).  That said, a standard 3.5mm to 1/4" TRS adaptor will make sound.

Why not just purchase a Line 6 HS 30 headset?  It's ready to go.

Using a headset as opposed to a lav is a much better way to go for PA use. I generally only use Lav mics to record for filming.

Your feedback problem in any event will improve as the room gets larger (outdoors even better)

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-09-27 10:17:59.8160

Thank you for a very helpful answer. I'm considering the HS30 headset, but prefer a smaller sized and a skin colored type. Thats why I'm searching around the internet for options. I highly appreciate the valuable advises you and Ron have given me! I'll reply my final choice when I have decided. I'm going to London next week, and will see if I can find something there.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by RonMarton on 2012-10-01 13:53:29.2190

Sorry about the delayed response, Ivar,

But an error with Line 6's server upgrade had some of us "locked out" for over a week.

The main thing I wanted to add was that the $7 extra for having a custom V30/35 connector fitted to the Microphone Madness MM-PSM Pro would appear to be a perfect solution for your needs, at a really great price.

(I don't know what it is they're drinking in Florida, but a disproportionate amount of great music and audio gear originates from there.)

As for feedback, sound behaves in exactly the same way as all radiation in following the "inverse square law": ...half the distance yields four times the level, three times the distance yields only one-ninth the level and so on.

So positioning an omni capsule immediately adjacent to the corner of your wife's mouth makes the pick-up of her voice so much louder that all other (much more distant) sources of sound are inaudible by comparison.

The best thing you can do is to elevate your speaker/s by putting them on stands and have them arranged so that the performance takes place outside or behind their dispersion as much as is possible.

Also, a good rule of thumb is that the more reverberant or "boomy" the space, the more you should seek to have all sound coming from just one location, either by only having one speaker, or by having all speakers radiate from the one spot.

Re: XD-V35 compatible headsets
by IvarH1969 on 2012-10-04 02:20:02.2390

Thank you again for very helpful information and teaching! I just ordered one mic from the Microphone Madness guys, and will revert back when it arrives.

Hi again, I have now tried the Microphone Madness microphone in a couple of occations, and it works just fine. Nice sound, small and almost invisible - just as I wanted.

I have also tried the lavalier mic in a larger room, and had no feedback problems. Overall I'm very satisfied with this Line6 wireless system.

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