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Low Down 150 Loudspeaker specs?
by Chrsto on 2012-09-20 11:34:48.1390

Hi there,

for last two months of failed attempts to order Low Down HD 400 (not availvailable), than Low Down 300 Pro (again: not available), next: Low Down 175 (guess what? Not available). Due to the Line6 very unprofessional Czech Republic dealers,...Finnaly I have  received Low Down 150. But from the first connection to the power grid it doesn't work. Power stage or loudspeaker (maybe both) are blown. But I tryed to listen sound of the pre-amplifier through the headphones and it sounds GREAT! It is revolutionary bass guitar amplification concept. I am playing from early seventies and I have made music on all legendary guitars and aplifiers. But Line 6 is my music dreams come true.

I am asking informed members: What is the power rating and frequency response of the built in Hi-Touch 12" Loudspeaker?

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