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POD HD Pro and reamping
by Jessycd on 2012-09-24 10:37:18.6600

Hi !

I'm sorry this question has been already discussed but that's not clear to me...

How do I have to plug the HD Pro ? (I actually own a HD 500 I'm gonna sell for a Pro because of the reamping option)

I guess it works as the HD 500 : Guitar > POD  SPDIF Out > RME Fireface SPDIF In (I made a lot of test, SPDIF seems to be the best sounding output)

But what next ?


Ps : I wonder why Line 6 doesn't make a damn plugin version... It would be SO MUCH easier to use !!!!

Re: POD HD Pro and reamping
by meambobbo on 2012-09-24 11:03:50.8020

SPDIF (or one of the other non-USB digital outputs) is definitely the best way to get audio from the Pod to your DAW - no additional D/A - A/D conversions.

as far as re-amping... the pod pro does not have that built in.  it has a "dry out" connection, but that's just a tap off the guitar input, similar to a passive DI box.  To reamp, you would need to send a 1/4" output from your audio interface to the Pod's Guitar In.

and FYI, the Pod HD 500 is capable of sending the dry guitar signal to an audio interface via SPDIF.  there's an option in the system menu to have SPDIF send the final output or the dry guitar signal.

So, the only advantage the Pro has over the HD500 here is that it has the dry out analog connection.  But if you can monitor your processed signal without using SPDIF, you could record the dry signal using SPDIF, then re-amp identically to how you would on the Pro.

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