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Short IPhone Video of M20 @ a 3 day Jam
by blomasky on 2012-09-24 13:10:33.2720

we had 20 musicians who all met up in Rhode Island for a 3 day jam.  They started at 10AM and went till around 1AM.  It was sort of crazy.  No sound checks since people would just come up in the middle of a number, plug in and/or jump on a mic and start wailing.  We had 2 guys handling the sound.  The main sound engineer was at FOH (ok, the back of the meeting room.)  I was sitting up close since I was also running the video.  (We streamed this over the internet and into Second life.  Here is a little video from my Iphone showing the mixer and my IPad.  Because of the size of the video (34meg) I uploaded it to YouTube so you can watch it at:


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