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FBS, "slow" iPad and a lost connection
by Olyoly on 2012-09-24 13:54:51.4580

Hi there,

after the 6th gig with the second md20d (I returned the first one because of temperature problems - see discussion) there are few new questions:

The way the FBS works (as I understand it) is that, if a a feedback starts, after a short time (lets say one second), this frequency is lowered automatically and the feedback stops (up to 12 frequencies).

Now my problem: sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes I really hear the "going away" of the feedback and sometimes the feedback stays on and on.

When I switch to the graphic window of "input" in the tweak section I can see that, after a FBS reset and a new test, that some (6 to 8) red lines appear at the frequencies that are lowered - but some feedback doesn't stop and no red line appears. (It's hard enough to explain this in German - I hope you understand what I mean in broken english )

Here my questions: is it correct how I think it should works? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a time limit, how long special feedbacks/frequencies must appear until they will be damped?  (I tried it for at least 3 or 4 seconds - nothing happened and then it gets far too LOUD.)

Now the second point - sometimes it happended (at different places - rehearsal room, outside and inside venues, with the same setup, distance USB-Dongle <--> iPad between 50cm and 15 meters,) that there was either no reaction or sometimes only a very very slow reaction on the ipad. For example: hitting a mute button on the iPad - it turns to red after at least 2 seconds and the reaction on the mixer took 2 or more seconds longer. (The same with the encoders and other functions.) 2 minutes later, everything worked fine, 5 minute later the reaction was very slow again ...

Maybe a problem of the iPad? (Stagescape is the only app that is running) I am using the recommended Linksys AE1000 USB dongle - don't tell me that I have to use the Engenius dongle :-).

Now the third point - we are using a Line6 XD-V70 Wireless Microphone - sometimes (I hate it, if it happens "sometimes") the iPad loses the connection with the mixer and reconnect again - after 2 minutes of use, it loses connection again and reconnect again, then 3 times every 30 seconds, then it works 3 minutes ....

When I switch off the Microphone, everything works well (except the above mentioned "slow reaction"). I already changed the channel of the XD-V70 - no difference :-(.

So what shall I do? I love this little mixer, it sounds really great, it's easy to use, and and and - so I hope you can help me with my problems.



Re: FBS, "slow" iPad and a lost connection
by ArneLine6 on 2012-09-25 12:10:04.2210

Hi Roger,

You are understanding it right. The algorithm to determine a feedback is very complex and we are improving it. The iPad issue sounds like there is already something going on on the WIFI channel that you are using. You can change the channel in the system settings. This also solves the interference with the wireless microphones. The best solution would be to use a USB to Ethernet adapter and a router. You can switch the router to 5gHz and avoid interferences this way. It also has a better antenna.



Re: FBS, "slow" iPad and a lost connection
by Dougdrums on 2012-09-25 13:01:41.3010

Arne, I am using a apple airport express, how do I switch the router to 5ghz? And what do I need to do on the ss? Thank you

Re: FBS, "slow" iPad and a lost connection
by dboomer on 2012-09-25 17:01:03.0410

Hi Roger

The feedback manager can only work so far.  Once you reach a point where too many frequencies are close to the unity gain threshold nothing will prevent feedback.  There is a limit in physics.  The feedback manager can only improve the situation typically 3-9 dB.  A lot of this will depend on the venue.  If you have a low ceiling it will be on the lower end and if you have a 10 meter ceiling height it will be much better.  Also turning it off in channels that you are confident will not cause feedback can help as well.

Sounds like you have wi-fi issues and not iPad issues.  The EnGenius dongle almost always works better than the Linksys unit.  But there is a limit based on the room you are in and the amount of interference from other wi-fi in the area (including cell phones) and even  from the V70 (if you have not upgraded it to V2.0 and run in RF2 mode).  The speed at which wi-fi works depends on how clear the channel is.  If it is crowded it can pause and then re-transmit which could account for the lack of speed.

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