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sorting out your banks
by beatty2387 on 2012-09-25 08:23:04.8670

I have bought a line 6 IV 75 plus FBV MKii for my son, i have downloaded all the usual stuff line 6 edit etc line monkey i want to change his banks so A - clean tones B - blues C - rock D- thrash  could someone explain in very simple english as i am not that clever when it comes to computers and amps etc. Also one more think when you get a tone and you want to place it in whatever bank how to do that also thanks very much 

Re: sorting out your banks
by xxcrispyxx on 2013-01-21 13:34:35.4980

As far as I know the only way to arrange the effects is to manually drag the effect to the position you want in via the "Spider edit software(".  I've been trying for months to find a more efficient way but so far this is how I've been doing it. 

Re: sorting out your banks
by rjryerson on 2013-01-23 08:07:57.4380

I'm not 100% knowledgable about the 75 but I think it's close enough to the HD150 to allow me to chime in here, using the spider edit software of course.

If I wanted to organize my banks like you described, this is what I would try.

1. Make a detailed list of the banks and names, in the order I want them.

1A - Clean 1

1B - Blues 1

1C - Rock 1

1D - Thrash 1

2. Export all the banks to a folder. I think it's click to select and file | save as...

3. Going through each channel & bank, select it an the import / load the appropriate file - referring to your list made in step 1.

This will allow you to organize your banks as you described.

Best regards,


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