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Low Down 150 unboxing and check list
by Chrsto on 2012-09-25 10:12:45.2730

Hi there,

I have received replacement for faulty Low Down 150. It is slightly different (not so bulky grille, softer carpet). First I switched ON. Pop sound occured but combined with loud squeeky sound. "This piece is faulty too, or large capacitors are discharged". After a couple of hours switched on, there was only POP sound, but tomorrow again Squeeky sound?. It is not "Hi-End" product but "Low End", Naturally, it is made to amplify sounds from 30 Hz up to 1000 Hz. Well Low Down is new guitar amplification concept, using digital sound processors. And I think it is really a revolution. It is not 3 knob amplifier but very sophisticated sound device, once you understand how it works you can do virtually anything with your bass guitar sound. I think LINE6 has bad marketing strategy for Low Down products. They are marketed as something what could be taken as substitute for vintage bass amplifiers, but Low Down is much, much more. Five presets is much a starting point (not a final) in creation of your own sound, using EQ, compressor, Deep, and FX shaper settings. The only question is quality of manufacturing and components. Only time will tell,...

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