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Sub-Boost, What is the trigger frequency vs. boost freq.
by blomasky on 2012-09-25 12:45:12.6020

I am not familiar with this sub boost.  (come to think of it, also of the DeEsser).  Is there any manual / instructions how to set up / adjust the sub boost and DeEsser?

Thank you


Re: Sub-Boost, What is the trigger frequency vs. boost freq.
by ArneLine6 on 2012-09-25 17:51:39.1460

Hi Bruce,

The the sub boost trigger frequency determines to what the algorithm reacts. The boost frequency determines which frequency is eq'd, controlled by the trigger.

Or simpler: If you have the wrong microphone in your kick drum and there is not enough low end produced you would set the trigger frequency high enough that it is in an area where there is real level in the signal, for example 120Hz. Then you would set the boost frequency in the area that you want to boost, for example 60Hz. The result is a low end that you would not get from a conventional eq without the levels going through the roof and your output clipping because the sub boost algorithm times the boost with the incoming signal so your level stays manageable.

The de esser lowers the selected frequency (cut)  by a certain amount (strenght) if the signal exceeds a certain frequency (detect frequency) by a certain amount (sensitivity).

Or simpler: If the essssss.. around e.g 7kHz gets louder than -5dB the esssing spectrum around e.g. 6kHz becomes lowered in level- It sounds less sibilant.

I usually use the XY pad in Quick Tweak mode but sometimes i make fine adjustments in Deep Tweak.



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