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Play back recorded tracks and record new tracks at the same time?
by satrianus on 2012-09-25 12:50:41.1240

One thing is not clear to me.

Is the M20D able to playback previously recorded tracks, let's say Channel 1 to 10, and record channel 11 to 15 at the same time?

Re: Play back recorded tracks and record new tracks at the same time?
by delikostidis on 2013-02-16 03:01:23.7320

Hi all,

The question of Satrianus is apparently a very important one but no one bothered to answer it! Why?

If the M20D is not able to carry out this simple task (that much cheaper devices e.g. Zoom R24 etc. can)

then it cannot fit the needs of many musicians with home studios who often prefer to record/mix without the use of PCs.

This issue is the only reason that still prevents me from buying an M20D...

Re: Play back recorded tracks and record new tracks at the same time?
by silverhead on 2013-02-16 04:40:14.4440

I'm not 100% sure but I strongly suspect the answer is no. The M20d is designed as a mixer in a live performance environment. It was not designed as a studio recorder and (to my knowledge) records only in a straight-time manner with no awareness of playback tracks. I don't think it has the timing and synchronizing  features that support overdubbing (even end-to-end overdubbing) in a multi-track recording environment.

It starts to record immediately when you hit Start, and stops when you hit Stop. All channel inputs specified in the Setup are recorded as separate audio files with beginning and end points defined by the Start/Stop triggers.  Inputs specified in the Setup that may be muted are recorderd, too - a silent audio file is created. The M20d graphical interface permits the device to be Recording or Playing back at any time - not both.

Perhaps a future firmware update will support this, but I doubt it. The M20d is not an integrated DAW workstation. It is, and I think will remain, a live mixer with a basic recording feature to aid with sound checks and audio capture for subsequent transfer to a DAW for post-processing and overdubbing.

Sounds like the M20d is not the device you want. Sorry.

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