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POD HD Pro Distorted sound when recording via USB
by gus_cradd on 2012-09-27 00:54:33.7380

Ever since I upgraded by iMac to mountain lion, I have been getting a distorted sound when I use my HD Pro in logic via USB. I have all the necessary software for the POD and it's in Studio Direct mode. When I say distorted I mean like an interference rather than a tone haha!!!


Re: POD HD Pro Distorted sound when recording via USB
by sopachrga on 2012-09-30 22:08:34.9060

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, there has been a bug with the forum that meant I couldn't reply!

But what is happening is a known issue with the drivers. Line 6 released some new ones a few days ago to fix the issue, but it didn't work.

You have a few options, one, if you have another USB interface is to plug the XLR out from the POD to the Mic in on your other interface.

If you don't have another interface though, it has been suggested to me that downloading and installing the Standalone version of PodFarm 2.5 and starting that up before plugging in your pod will fix it.

Just disable all of the amps and effects in pod farm so they don't interfere with the sound.

It's a free download too.

Hope that helps. Otherwise we just need to wait for the fixed drivers to be released, which they have said they are working on.

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