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Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by dudeman908 on 2009-05-24 19:19:25.1110

Sometimes when i turn on my spider 3 30 amp only the "insane" light come's on while the "tap delay time" light does not, when this happen's the amp will not produce any sound. This is fixed by simply turning it off and back on. But my question is: "Is this a major problem? Do i have to get it fixed?"

Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by Line6Hugo on 2009-05-27 10:33:45.7500


I would recommend performing a reset on the amp by holding the 'CLEAN' channel button as you power on the amp. If you continue to have issues there may be a hardware problem with the amp. Please keep in mind that the Spider III 30 has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase if purchased new and they are non-repairable. They are only replaced within the 1 year period.



Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by DonBelisle on 2009-08-08 23:49:20.9080

Line 6 guys,

I just got one of the Spiders 30 today. (08-08-09)

It has the "no sounds issue" when 1st powering up.

If you quickly turn the amp off then on again, things work fine.

( if you wait a few minutes and let the power supply fully discharge,

same condition occurs, ie: no sound)

Are others seeing this problem to?

Is the AMP gonna survive a few years?

I`ve only had the AMP 5 hours.

Sounds to me like the CPU has a reset problem when initializing.

Clearing to factory defaults has no effect, just would like to know if

everyone else is having the same problem.

I`m going back to the store tomorrow for a return to get a new one ordered.

But I wanted to know if this is normal and just a nuseance.

Anyone care to chime in?

thanks to all

Donny B

Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by tony_john on 2009-08-09 06:31:41.6070


My son purchased an earlier model Spider 30w less than 2 years ago.  We had intermittent issues with it not "powering up" correctly early on that seemed to go away...until yesterday.

Now, when we turn it on, nothing but a speaker noise in the very first second and then dead, no sound whatsoever.  We've done the resets and checked everything.

So, we're outside of the 1 year warranty and looking at the $200 or so bucks we spent as being wasted.

Looking at going with the Marshall 30-watt with a replacement plan.  I think all of these modeling amps aren't real long-lasting.

At minimum, I'd check into returning it and getting one with a 2 or 3 yr replacement plan.

The amp my son has sits in his room 99.9% of the time, so I couldn't imagine if you were actually lugging it around to practice with you.

Hope it helps.

Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by DonBelisle on 2009-08-09 09:09:15.0300

Thanks Tony, knowing of others that had an issue will probably cause me to upgrade to a

different model. ( or brand ). The price was right, so if my son wants to keep it, I will at least

get a fresh one from the store. We liked the sound of the AMP, too bad there an issue with some


It could be a bad run at the factory. Maybe a newer one would not exhibit the same problem.

The GC store has been nice about exchanges in the past with me.


Don B

Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by Celcias on 2010-02-08 12:48:37.5430

Seems like im out of luck then? My amp is just frustrating at the moment. When i turn it on, its on the clean channel with a delay. Which wasn't my setting. This isn't the problem. The problem is... I can't change to a different channel, and if i move the nob with the Sweep Echo Tap Echo and Reverb it makes this awful noise and doesnt stop until i move another nob. So I can't chance channels... and can't do anything to the effects at all. Its pretty much completely messed up. The worst part is. My 1 year warrenty expired I think 2 days ago. Seems like perfect timing right?

Re: Line 6 Spider 3 30 is not producing any sound
by cornnieadam on 2010-02-22 12:36:34.4950

i turn my amp on but none of the lights turn on and no sound comes out but when i turn the amp off i here the usual noise which is a kinda like popping noise but appart from tht how do i fix it.

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