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Problems with the Forum software?
by Beacher on 2012-09-27 09:43:40.7300

Are any of you having problems with the forum software? I cannot "Reply" to any messages. there just isn't an active link on the reply button nor can I access any of my personal menus (New, Your Stuff, History, Browse) etc. next to my login name.

I can start a new topic obviously as I am doing now.

I have two login accounts and both behave exactly the same. I have tried 3 different browsers, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox to no avail. Using Mac on Snow Leopard 10.8.6, also tried it on Lion and same problems. It's been like this for almost a week I think?

Just wondering if any of you are also experiencing this ????

Re: Problems with the Forum software?
by michaedr on 2012-09-28 13:08:58.0750

I've seen some people on the POD forums talking about this too, but I haven't had any issues.

Re: Problems with the Forum software?
by Line6Hugo on 2012-09-28 14:11:39.9610


I saw your support ticket about this and am posting to test.

There was a problem ealier in the week with posting, but it seems like we can post now. 

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