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Low Down 150:How loud it is?
by Chrsto on 2012-09-28 05:49:52.8480

In early seventies two guitar players in my band used VoX AC 30, and I played bass on 100 Watt (Marshall, Hiwatt, Fender,...) heads with 4X12" Celestion box. We had very ballanced sound in indoors and open air 1000 audience places. I never played on 100% of sinus rated power but 70-75% max. volume. So if you are bass guitar player in a rock band playing big gigs, combo is not perfect solution for you. They are not efficient in produce loudness. It is much better to buy LD hd 400 or 750 head with full sized loudspeaker box. I have bought Low Down 150 combo cause I need it for studio recordings, and rarely small club gigs. If you have good guitar (pickups) Low Down 150 is very, very loud regardig its very small and compact dimensions. Great product! Unlike 175, and bigger LD combos it has not a piezo tweeter. But my style is not slapping and I played much fat tones. I am going to connect ballanced A.I.R output to the studio mixer and HDD based all in one recorders. Nex time more about this issue,...

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