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Question about using 2 HD500 units together
by Suni on 2012-09-28 05:56:29.8730

Hi guys, I've been a long time Line 6 fan and have learned so much from the users of this forum.  I have a specific need / question and I apologize if this has been discussed before.  I currently use the HD500 in 4CM with a Mesa Mark V head (and a RJM mini amp gizmo to switch channels).  Been using this setup live and in practice since around Jan and for the most part it works great and I believe I have it optimized to work the best it can.  However, I am starting to realize that there is some level of tone degradation and in my case it's in the lows.  Direct in to the Mark V my bass (and just overall clarity) is slightly but perceivably better than using the 4CM and again I understand this is to be expected.  Now here's my question, has anyone tried this ?

2 separate POD HD units.  Possibly one a HD500 and the second a HD Desktop, HD300 or HD400 (to save money).

Guitar->Pod HD 500->Amp main input + a second POD HD in the AMP's effects loop.  Have the 2 pods connected via midi so one POD can control the other's preset switching.

Then you configure patches in such a way that when you press a preset on your floor POD HD500, it also (via Midi) changes a corresponding patch on the one in the effects loop.  So you basically have the benefits of dirt effects before the pre-amp and time based effects in the FX loop of the amp.  Can any of you comment on this or tell me if this would even work?

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