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G50 Battery life issue
by bheck on 2012-09-28 20:52:19.0410

I've had my G50 Relay for 3 months now, still have receipt for proof of purchase.

My two bandmates have the G30 and the G90, so I went ahead and got the G50, I like being able to see how much battery is left without having a full rack piece.

Since I first started using it, I noticed that the battery life was significantly less than my two bandmates. They could get a good 8 hours or so out of their batteries, and myself around 3. This would get me through a night's gig using fresh batteries each time, and most of the way through a rehearsal.

I switched to disposable batteries, a month later and the battery life has gradually gotten worse, even when using fresh batteries each time. I found in a couple of practises my wireless unit would spontaneously turn itself off, and would usually turn back on with half it's battery full. This would happen at maximum, twice a rehearsal.

My latest show I played, I had my suspicions of whether my unit would last the entire set. The practise before my disposable batteries lasted 30 minutes before they died, the unit telling me there was 0 battery life left after the 30 min, despite putting in fresh disposable batteries at the beginning of the rehearsal.

So I charged my rechargeables and swapped back to them. Prior to our line check my bass player said he could switch his G90 to my channel to see how much battery life it said I had left. And it said I had 8 hours!

Of course 10 minutes in to the set, the unit died, I tired switching it back on but it flashed red - no battery - before switching itself off again. Hence myself having to swap to a lead halfway through a song.

I haven't touched it since. My bass player suggests there is a short in the circuit and I am eligible to send it in for repair. I have treated it very well and used it once or twice a week since I got it in July. So I don't believe I have done anything to damage the unit.

The shop I bought it from has gone in to receivership (Allan's Billy Hyde in Australia) so they are unable to send things off to the service centres, so I've made two attempts to email the Australian Line 6 service centre in Victoria, Aus but currently no reply. If I don't receive a reply within a few days I will give them a call.

Anyway, I basically wanted to see if anyone else had this problem, and if it's not a short circuit or malfunction and I am just an idiot and doing something wrong. Or by the off chance there's some way to fix this without sending it off for repairs. Knowing it could take months.

Thanks in advance

Re: G50 Battery life issue
by dboomer on 2012-09-29 22:20:06.2550

Sounds like it needs service.  I would contact Musiclink in Oz.  Use our contact us link at the bottom of the page.

Re: G50 Battery life issue
by bheck on 2012-10-01 00:20:27.0770

Thank you for your reply, I have emailled twice so I will now call them instead. Thanks for your time, I'm guessing this isn't a common problem.

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