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Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by BUROB on 2012-09-29 06:14:17.2760

I have ordered the new v75tr system to replace an aging and muffled sounding Sennheiser we-100, I tried the v30hs but the head mic has probably the worst handling noise I have encountered, if touched anywhere it sounds like a bomb going off so a def. no-no, also the v70 mic is Omni- which are worse than useless for live work as they picks up everything and feed back. I own 2 Shure Beta 54 headsets and have been trying to get answers as to will they work on

this system, handbook says they need +5v supply, yet all modern belt packs are 2x1.5v powered. I am loath to fork out for yet another new headset as they

were expensive to buy. I did see a thread extolling the Crown head-mic but these are now obsolete, The countryman Isomax looks a good bet but are hard to find in uk. Why L6 do you not have a quality hyper-cardioid headset in the range?

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by dboomer on 2012-09-29 22:12:22.4720

The Line 6 beltpacks all supply 5vdc bias voltage.  If your Shure mics are wired for Shure beltpacks they should just plug in and go.

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by BUROB on 2012-09-30 06:43:40.0220

Thanks, at last somebody answered (I have tried various experts ? but no joy) I will fit my 54's with Ta4f plugs and give it a go. The V30 I tried sounded ok, just the whole headset was live, I scratched the back of my head and the wire picked it up like I was eating a bag of crisps.

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by dboomer on 2012-09-30 09:25:34.4070

As a general rule cardioids will have a much higher handling noise than omnis.

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by BUROB on 2012-10-10 12:57:32.8220

I work in medium to small venues in close proximity to powered vertical line array P.A units (LD Maui 28 ) which have very good f/back rejection, the L6 H.S mic is just not doing it for me, it picks up far too much background sound.I have now re-plugged my shure beta 54's but the level they are giving through the XD-75 is far lower than the L6 mic.

I am looking at maybe a countryman super cardioid as a solution. L6 should have something in the range like this I think as any vocal guitaris,drummer etc wil have terrible problems with omni-mic's .

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by RonMarton on 2012-10-10 14:03:58.2380

G'day from a fellow line array enthusiast ! (HK Audio's "Elements", in my case.)

As you've

  1. Been happy with the sound of the Shure WBH54,
  2. Have already rewired TA4 plugs and
  3. Stand to lose very little should my suggestion not work out

...I'd suggest trying a few cents worth of "gain-making" resistor inside the TA4F connector of your existing headset/s before you spend hundreds of bucks on something like Countryman Isomaxes.

Go for the physically smallest (lowest wattage) you can find in the 5-10k ohm range, soldered in series with the pin 2 "bias" connection and have a listen.

If it passes the listening test, I'd also suggest that the "final roadworthy version" should have its resistor and connections protected from bump-induced fracturing and short-circuits by dint of filling the inside of the TA4F connector with silicone sealant "goo".

Re: Headset compatible for xd-v75tr
by RonMarton on 2012-10-10 14:44:03.6350

Just as a matter of interest, here are two alternatives from Beyer that should just "plug and play", but I've not heard of anyone who's actually tried them with Line 6's TA4-equipped beltpacks.

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