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POD Hd pro - ENGL Z11 - Mesa Rectifier 3CH
by squaly on 2012-09-30 13:56:24.1380


I got a hd pro, a MKII pedalboard and a ENGL Z11 midi interface. What i want is to be able to switch my Mesa rectifier 3ch while i load a preset on the pod. Could you please tell me how to send specific midi message on preset change (only need to send 2 message ; one for clean channel and the second for clean)

Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english ^^


Re: POD Hd pro - ENGL Z11 - Mesa Rectifier 3CH
by jimsreynolds on 2012-10-01 01:50:47.9150

Manual is here -->

The HD will automatically send out a Midi PC message when you select a preset.  This will correspond with the patch number that you are using.   Therefore Patch 1A = Midi PC 0 and Patch 16D = Midi PC 63.  The same 64 numbers are used on each HD set list so be aware of this !!!

You start by setting the Midi Channel on both the HD and the Z11 to be the same.  On the HD, the default channel is 1 (you can change it in global settings but don't if you don't need to). Section 2 of the Z11 manual shows you how to set the dipswitches on the unit for Midi Channel 1 (down. up, up, up).

Next, hook up the Z11 to the Mesa,. as per the manual.  Then hook up the Midi Out on the HD to the Midi In on the Z11.

Then, to assign a patch to the footswitches:

1)  Select the desired patch on the HD (this will send a midi PC message that will be noted by the Z11)

2)  Selecte the required footswitch settings using the six buttons on the front of the Z11

3)  Hold down the Write button on the Z11 for one second.  The status light should light up briefly to indicate that the midi assignment is being saved.

More Midi detail on the POD HD Pro  can be found in the Appendix to the Advanced manual but for simple channel switching:  this should do it.

Re: POD Hd pro - ENGL Z11 - Mesa Rectifier 3CH
by squaly on 2012-10-03 11:32:26.1550


Thanks a lot i gonna try that ^^. But it looks ok.


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