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Line 6 Relay G90 TBP12 Transmitter issue??
by kurtsstuff on 2012-09-30 15:11:16.3170

Just got my G90 and it seems the transmitter

has an issue. It sounds like a big refrigerator

motor running,whirring etc. If I touch the

transmitter I can get it to go away "sometimes"

but not always. I've tried everything and have

tamed it a bit by using a better cable but it's still there.

Is this a common problem with these? I've tried to respond

to threads already here on the subject but for some reason

I couldn't reply to them..?? I'd like to just send it in for repair or replacement.

I'm getting zero response from the outfit I purchased it from.

Before this I had a G50 system and it worked flawlessly

and no change has been made to my gear setup since then.

Re: Line 6 Relay G90 TBP12 Transmitter issue??
by line6jonb on 2012-10-02 17:23:55.3790


No, this is not a common problem.  The transmitters should not add any noise to your signal at all.  This has come up in a couple posts very recently, but I would not say this is anything more than a coincidence.  This is not a known issue. 

Can you help me troubleshoot a couple things about your setup.  I'm glad you didn't have problems with your G90, which is strange why this is so different. 

If you unplug from the transmitter do you still get the noise?

How about if you leave the cable in the transmitter but short across the tip and sleeve?

Have yo tried it with more than one instrument?

Is your instrument active?

Does the noise change as you change cable models?

What firmware version are you using and are you in RF1 or RF2 mode?


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