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New JTV-89 with Floyd Rose Trem in the Pipeline
by kmulvihill on 2012-10-02 01:38:47.4500

I'm sure you've seen the new JTV59 and 69 guitars and might be wondering about the so-far left out JTV-89. Since I'm ready to buy an 89, I called Line 6 and spoke to someone who told me a JTV-89 with a Floyd Rose is in the pipeline, although this person didn't have any info on release date. I was also told this wasn't priviliged information - which also tells me the release should be imminent. I'm waiting to see the new model before I place my order but it sure would be nice to have a Floyd Rose. I'm just posting here in case others are wondering if there will be a new 89 - sure would be a shame to order one and then have the new model come out the next week...



Re: New JTV-89 with Floyd Rose Trem in the Pipeline
by nevla on 2012-11-27 02:29:11.9650

That's great news. I've been trying to decide whether to custom build my own guitar, or modivy one with a Ghost system so i can get acoustic sounds, etc - but if Line6 do finally pull a 89FR out of the bag i think i know exactly where my money will go.

As i have a HD500 too i can see this becoming my new live rig

GAS - i just cant help myself


Re: New JTV-89 with Floyd Rose Trem in the Pipeline
by kmulvihill on 2012-12-07 18:03:50.6710

I'm hearin' ya brother. I desperately need that guitar and sure would like to take advantage of the rebate too as I expect costs to go up. We need to start calling that JTV line to get an update. I've already called and left a message and nobody called me back. C'mon, Line 6 - put the 89FR out there so we can order it now for Christmas and get the rebate - even if we don't receive it until sometime next year. C'mon! It's Christmastime!

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