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Not hearing selected model in recording playback
by timbone1 on 2012-10-02 17:12:15.4140

Hi, I'm trying to record in Reaper with Pod Farm using Toneport GX, I can hear the "distorted" amp effect while recording but on playback its a clean uneffected signal!

What do i need to do???


Re: Not hearing selected model in recording playback
by Triryche on 2012-10-04 06:51:19.2280

In Reaper there should be 4 inputs available to be enabled in the sound preference screen.

In the POD Farm Mixer view you can select what sends 1-2 and 3-4 send to your DAW,  processed, semi-processed, or Dry Input

If you also have the POD Farm plug-in, a typical workflow may be to send both the processed and dry to your DAW and add the plug-in to the dry post processing.


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