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by toneman2121 on 2012-10-03 09:21:50.4370

i tacked on a comment in another discussion about how much i like the dt25. but, after reading some stuff here about some transformer problems completely put me on pause. the tone is tight. but if your transformer doesn't work, you'll never know it. i could be wrong but transformers don't go bad often. especially after 1 year. i saw 2 xformers go bad. both i think from operator error. if there is a line of faulty xformers going around. then i won't consider buying one  but again the tone is terrific. are these isolated incidences? when i get the money together, i'll probably get one anyway and make a deal for the extended warranty. just for arguments sake, i;m going to get the dt25 head and use a 2x12 16 ohm. i' thinking the use the exact same model. zsounds has one for $810

Re: xformers
by wowza on 2012-10-03 10:00:57.8300

You know i always feel terrible when i hear someone is having problems with their equipment but i have had very little in the way of problems with my DT50 head.  I remember only one time and im pretty sure that was my fault like were saying about operater error oops.  I have had my head on at stage volume for six hours at a time during band practice many times and mine is still going strong.  So i guess from my standpoint unless the DT25s are for whatever reason the prone ones with this supposed issue i wouldnt worry about it myself.  The sound of the amp is awesome i wouldnt bat an eye at buying another one.....well if i had the coin to spare that is lol  

Re: xformers
by RPascarella on 2012-10-03 12:25:19.6210

IMHO, I would definitely buy but get the extended warranty.  My DT50 is currently in the shop to have the power transformer replaced.  I want to brag on Line 6 for a second here by saying that my amp was just outside the 1 yr warranty - I asked them to have mercy and cover the repair under warranty and they did.  This of course is no guarantee they'll do it for anyone, but I was so pleased that they did that for me and want to brag on them a bit.

During the year I've owned it, my DT50 was used mainly for bedroom practicing, some playing at church, so it was definitely not stressed.  I don't think I've ever gone beyond 10:00 in full power mode, 12:00 in low power mode.  I question whether amps built around this time (mid-2011) perhaps had a flaky batch of transformers, who knows.  I did read yesterday something on Soldano's website about EL34 tubes stressing out the power transformer more than other tubes (">">

I was happily jamming along at bedroom levels when the breaker in the room tripped.  I thought our neighborhood lost power, but then saw lights on in the next room.  Then I knew something bad happened.  Weird that the mains fuse didn't blow.  I unplugged the amp, reset the breaker, plugged back in and hit the switch, this time the fuse blew (the lights went pretty dim!).  Pulled the tubes, replaced the fuse and tried again with the same results, so I knew at that point the transformer was probably toast as opposed to a shorted tube.

Again, I love the amp, the tone, the look.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy again, but get the extended warranty just to be sure you're covered.


Re: xformers
by toneman2121 on 2012-10-03 18:43:45.7530

thanks to youse both. forgive the vernacular. i think there has been more post on the dt50 than the dt25. but i'm seeing more faults than i would like. hopefully; with respect to the people whose xformers crapped out, i hope it is just a bad run of the xformers. i will have the scratch. it won't be for a few weeks. that'll give me time to contemplate and meditate. the correct points were given to the guy who had the least to start. even steven. 3 more helpful points available. tell your friends. or reply again. if you dare


Re: xformers
by whiteop on 2012-10-10 12:07:15.6720

I would wait until Line 6 gets their act together on the DT amp series before investing near $1800 for the amp and the HD POD like I did. For a lot less I could have bought a decent mfx unit and a good Fender or Vox amp that would have given me no problems and been done with it. On another note I took another amp I have in for servicing the other day and there were Line 6 amps and pedals all over the place. I asked the tech (and owner of the repair shop) if he gets a lot of warranty work on Line 6 pedals and he shook his head like he was saying, "oh yeah, they makin' me lots of money".

So Line 6 if you're reading this, all of the warranty centers appreciate you keeping them in business and don't mind taking as many $$$ as you can send them.

Re: xformers
by toneman2121 on 2012-10-12 08:40:59.2320

yeah, my amp is killer. i really don't need another but...

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