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Tremendous pick attack annoyance (ux2)
by yourbuddy697 on 2012-10-05 00:23:07.0010

First off, I have tried for a very long time to get rid of this annoying pick attack. I am very unsure what it is that is causing it but I cannot get an enjoyable tone whatsoever. No matter what tone I use, it is still there! Now, I dont mind pick attack. It is the natural sound of a guitar but, this is high pitched and louder than the good sounds and frequencies of the tone. I know what you're thinking, "well cut the bad frequencies" but the frequency range is so huge that it destroys my tone completely when I cut them. Its between 950hz and 5khz and considering I really have no idea what I am doing yet, I have read that certain frequencies in this range (among other ranges) is vital for guitar to cut through the mix. I have searched online over and over again for answers, and have tried MULTIPLE different things to get rid of it and I am at a dead end here. By multiple things I am including: different tones, thicker picks, thiner picks, thicker gauge strings, thinner gauge strings, picking technique( tried every angle possible including very stupid ones) lowering pickups, raising pickups, lowering the input on podfarm from 0db, raising and lowering the output on podfarm, recording completely dry then plugging-in podfarm in logic, or just completely processed. Nothing is working and it is absolutely frustrating. I own a ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000. With these pickups, I understand I need to input into the "pod" input jack. Yeah, that does nothing either. Someone please help me. I will post clips if it will help you help me. Thanks

Re: Tremendous pick attack annoyance (ux2)
by hulbert on 2012-10-05 02:59:33.1730

Would be interesting to hear some clips.

Wow. It certainly seems like you've tried a lot of different things to find a solution.

Have you tried it in an amp to see if it is as noticable?

Either something in the ux2/podfarm makes it sound like this (i.e. the natural sound of the guitar with the ux2) or it could be another thing - but I am pretty sure you know for certain it is the picking that is causing it, but I'll mention it just in case. I just wondered if maybe the strings are a bit low for the strength of your picking  i.e. if the strings are very low, it won't take as much to make the string buzz on the frets. The strings can be raised a little to allow for stronger picking. Sorry if you have already ruled that out. Just wanted to make sure.

By the way, what's it sound like when you just use the side of your thumb to pluck a string? Is the sound still there?

God Bless,


Re: Tremendous pick attack annoyance (ux2)
by QsBlues on 2012-10-05 04:58:48.6150

If the pick attack is too harsh, like you're descriibing, several factors could be the cause.  Nickel would strings as opposed to stainless steel would reduce the upper frequencies quite a bit.  Have you tried this through and amp as opposed to Pod Farm?  Could be some processing glitch in your sound card.  Have you switched guitar cables?  They have a HUGE impact on your overall tone.  Since this guitar has active pickups, you would need to use a pad on the input, and the wood combinations should make for a warm, rounded tone.  I have a guitar with the same type of construction, but with passive pickups, and I get a great tone, but I'm also using it in the effects loop of a tube amp, so that warms things up a bit.  If you have a tube amp, try an A/B test to see if the anomoly recreates itself.  Be experimental and see what combinations of things add up to a good tone.  Thinking outside of the box is how great tones are created.  I've used the Vintage Console mic preamp in line with an EQ, some delay and reverb and got great results, especially with taming the highs a bit.  I'm looking forward to hearing your progress ....



Re: Tremendous pick attack annoyance (ux2)
by Triryche on 2012-10-05 06:12:23.3750

Yeah, some clips would be great.

Are you hearing this on clean and hi-gain tones?

Just based on your description, I would suspect a gate and or compressor with undesirable settings.

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