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is the jm looper just a joke as a live solo tool
by rwilson6120 on 2012-10-05 01:56:33.2860

i just got the jm4 looper, and it has an sd card, problem is I have a brand new pc that has NO! sd card expansion card slot. I can send it to sonar and can record it but how do i get it back and in the looper, i want to be able to use this as a solo tool for live use and now it looks like it can only be used as a toy to jam with did i spend 300 for another recorder or what ugh! i was looking for a tool I could use on the fly to use live or at least record what I wanted and then put back in and play lead with in a live situation actual songs not just jams did I buy the wrong tool? any help would be great here

Re: is the jm looper just a joke as a live solo tool
by tejasbullet on 2012-10-06 17:57:14.3480

Get an SD card to usb adaptor for a  few bucks.  With did ugh.  And don't freak out.

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