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Buzz coming out of Spider IV 75 Watt?
by Burdy323 on 2012-10-05 17:02:09.9830

Hey, I am starting to notice a wierd problem. Whenever I play my Spider at loud levels (or low with headphones it) I get a strange loud high pitched buzz if I sustain a note and get a bit of feedback. This happens on all clean settings (Not very noticable on distortion, but hugely noticable on clean when recording). It just started happening around a week ago after I turned on my amp to play. Something I noticed is when I touch the Metal end of my guitar cable (That goes into my guitar) The buzzing stops.. And it does it for all the cables I have tested.. The second I am not touching it the amp goes off again (if Im sustaining a note). So I was wondering whats going on, if I need new cable, Guitar, Etc. I tested 3 cables (They are old though, but did not have this problem till a week ago). Thanks

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