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Amp set-up for backtrack with distortion?
by manuelzwaab on 2012-10-06 11:05:01.8840


I really want to record my riffs with distortion.

I work with my guitar (Epiphone custom black LP), Backtrack (no mic) and my amp itself (Roland cube 20XL).

When i plug in my guitar to the backtrack, i get raw sound coming from my guitar since that's the only thing that goes into the recording device.

And when i plug in my guitar to the amp itself directly and put an audio cable from the recording plug to the backtrack input, i dont hear anything coming out of my amp.

However, i also tried to output the backtrack into the footswitch plug (the only one left unplugged ) still no sound...

Any solutions on how to get amp sound and record in distortion at the same time?

Re: Amp set-up for backtrack with distortion?
by AllroyPA on 2012-10-22 13:14:13.4150

Put the backtrack in the effects loop or plug a microphone into the input of the backtrack and point the mic at your speaker

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