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x3 live to jm4 looper optimal routing
by rwilson6120 on 2012-10-07 03:11:50.4030

I just recently purchased the jm4 looper, the question I have if anyone knows is, I am trying to find the cleanest routing of both of these together I want to use the jm4 looper for mainly loops and the rythms, I am routed as follows. guitar> x3 live> x3 live fx send to jm4 looper guitar in > jm4 looper stereo out back to x3 live fx return (which seems to have little effect) and direct from looper headphones to pc, I haven't had the chance to run into our PA yet with it. problem is I use both amps and effects in the x3 live and when running this routing the x3 will only allow one amp not both from the fx send and I am losing a whole side of my rig. can anyone suggest a different routing method?

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