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Importing to Midi Mobilizer 1
by acwcanal45 on 2012-10-07 13:08:39.4810

I have a Midi Mobilizer 1 attached to my 2nd generation iPod.  I need to carry out the following steps:

1  Record from an Allen church organ into Midi Mobilizer using the free Midi Memo App;

2  Export the file to a computer using iTunes;

3  Carry out minor edits on the file;

4  Import the edited file back into the MIdi Mobilizer Midi Memo App;

5  Finally, play the file from the Midi Mobilizer back into the same Allen Organ.

Steps 1-4 work OK, in that the edited file appears back in the list of Midi mobilizer memos, but whenever I attempt to play the file, the effect is for the  Midi Memo App to appear to close and I am returned to the iPod start screen.

I realise that the Midi memo App id fairly simplistic, but most of the other 'comapitible' Apps will not work on my 2nd generation iPod.

Any suggestions. 


Re: Importing to Midi Mobilizer 1
by smithy37 on 2012-12-03 03:54:49.9190

A long shot, but try and delete the app from the ipod by pressing the app icon until it 'jiggles' then press the cross button to delete. Then go into the app store and into 'purchases' and reload it using the cloud symbol.

It may be that the last software update dissagreed with your ipod.

This generally solves a lot of other 'crashing' issues.

Let us know how you get on. There seems to be a distinct lack off support for this app, which is a shame really.

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