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Connecting a POD X3 Live to a Blackstar HT-5
by mindwalkr on 2012-10-08 01:04:58.6310

Hey guys,

I know this isn't a new topic and it has been covered in other threads but somehow I didn't find the exact answers to my woes in those..

So basically I have bought a Blackstar HT-5R and I'm digging it so I thought of expanding it even further with my POD X3 Live.

I have read about the 4CM but I'm trying to avoid it for now as 1) I don't have 4 cables yet 2) I should be able to connect the POD to the Blackstar without the 4CM but using only the POD's effects or the POD's stomps

So I've tried 2 things and I got problems with both

First off I tried to just use the Blackstar's HT-5 poweramp to color my POD's tones. Here's what I did.

Guitar into POD input > POD FX send to Blackstar FX Receive. I took my favourite patch, enabled the FX-loop in te pacth and then when I tried to play I almost turned myself into ashes because it was as loud as it could be! I managed to get the sound right by using the POD's FX Loop db level configuration (had to put it around -40 db). It was interesting that the Blackstar's volume controls for both the clean and overdrive channels became useless... it seems the POD's fx loop level became the volume control feeding the poweramp directly or something

Second attempt I tried to use the POD as a tube screamer to tighten up the Blackstar. So I did:

Guitar into POD input > POD Live out to Blackstar guitar In

I set the POD's live out level to compo amp front (in the Outputs page). I did the same to the switch on the POD itself from line to amp. I created a new patch with no amp. At this point I tried to play something and no sound was coming from the Blackstar except some hiss. I would expect this to make the Blackstar sound very similar to as if I'd plug directly into it ? Anyhow, I configured a tube screamer but still no sound at all...  any idea of what I could be doing wrong ?

I still have to try connecting the pod to the fx-loop of the blackstar and the guitar into the blackstar so then I just configure a patch with fx's that should run after the pre-amp (like a delay) and see how that sounds... but the fact that the first connection attempt always blew the roof of my house off and the second didn't make any sound puzzled me.. any ideas why ?

Thanks a lot for any ideas!

Re: Connecting a POD X3 Live to a Blackstar HT-5
by Benni2407 on 2012-10-15 04:07:24.7910


are you sure, that you did not have the live out set to "mute" in the second attempt? You can check this by pushing "outputs" on your POD, when having selected the right patch.

Regarding the first attempt: I only know the Blackstar HT-Club 40, as I own one, but I don't know the HT-5. So, does the HT-5 have a master volume pot? If yes, then you should be able to control the volume with that master volume, because it should affect the power amp's volume.



Re: Connecting a POD X3 Live to a Blackstar HT-5
by mindwalkr on 2012-10-18 07:42:32.5800

Actually I kinda fixed it but forgot to came here and report upon it!

In short it was all right but when connecting the POD in front of the amp, I didn't raise the volume high enough to hear it. It can sound a bit ridiculous but I normally have the master volume on the POD set around 10 o'clock and that's enough to blast my pair of speakers or the headphones.. but when connected to the amp I basically had to max out the volume on the POD, something that I just wronlgy assumed in the beggining as not working

Connecting the POD straight to the FX loop of the amp produced a freaking loud sound on the HT-5 but since it doesn't have a master volume you have to control the sound on the FX loop volume output of the POD. I guess if using the 4 cable method this wouldn't be a problem because you would be using the volume of the pre-amp of the HT-5 back into itself via the FX-loop

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