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XD-V75 Battery Cover
by txcartertest on 2012-10-08 14:56:54.1330

Has anyone else seen the battery cover for the XD-V75 Handheld start to break into pieces at the top where it meets the remainder of the microphone body?  It appears that the plastic is very thin at the joining point and very little pressure caused it to start to break apart after replacing batteries.  Just wanted to see if anyone else had experioenced this problem.



V75 Battery Cover.JPG

Re: XD-V75 Battery Cover
by RonMarton on 2012-10-08 15:23:18.1260

They have indeed, Jim, as you'll find in this string of discussions, along with details of the replacement part:

It's worth noting, however, (as I mentioned in one of those earlier posts) that my eight older (physically identical) V70 handhelds show no signs of damage, nor does my one V75.

But, then, ...I'm an aggressive old sod who's not above delivering threats of ritual disembowelment to performers who might consider abusing my beloved mics.  

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