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iPad and Midi Mobilizer to program
by Biskit1 on 2012-10-08 15:52:26.6410

Are there any plans on making the Line 6 FBV Control software, the Spider IV Edit software or the Spider Valve MkII Edit software available on iOS so they can be programmed via the Midi Mobilizer or wireless network or....?  With all that Line 6 and IK Multimedia make available for the iOS platform, it would be nice to eliminate the computer component for programming the various Spider cabinets.



Re: iPad and Midi Mobilizer to program
by bikerbill77 on 2012-10-08 17:17:59.5460

I use the Line 6 Mobile in adapter with Line 6 Mobile Pod.

Works for either iPhone or iPad. Pretty nice setup.

It's kind of hard to use your iPhone only because of the

screen size. Other than that it works great.

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