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Line 6 M5 doesn't respond, flashing screen, ticking noise
by kieranbursell on 2012-10-09 03:43:08.0110

Hello fellow Line 6 users,

I bought a M5 two weeks ago and have been very happy with it but:

Very often when I power the unit up the screen flashes on and off and a ticking sound is made. The unit doesn't respond to any knob movement/footswitch hits.

This also often occurs when I am holding the tap footswitch to enter tuner mode and often when selecting a preset.

I bought it two weeks ago and I believe it started happening 4 days after I bought it and has consistantly been happening ever since which is fustrating because there is no way I can gig with it when it decides to cop out without warning.

Has anyone had this problem or know what causes it and any solutions apart from sending it back and trying to get a replacement?


Re: Line 6 M5 doesn't respond, flashing screen, ticking noise
by phil_m on 2012-10-09 06:23:05.6050

Sent it back for a replacement. It sounds like a faulty relay or something. I doubt it's something that a firmware update would fix.

Re: Line 6 M5 doesn't respond, flashing screen, ticking noise
by cosmojones on 2012-11-03 12:03:26.5160

OK - here's the issue (you can find it on several other posts): M5 won't boot, rapidly switches on and off, often reboots when you step on it, often people send it back with no solution, etc.

Mine started acting up almost immediately and the problem is intermittent - I've gotten no real response from anyone, and now it's out of warrenty - SO I TOOK IT APART.

I am a trained electronics technician and here's what I believe is wrong with it - it's a relatively easy fix, I believe it's a grounding issue. This is what I've done and it now appears to be working:

1. Remove the 4 rubber feet and their screws. Also remove the countersunk screw on the side holding the MIDI port.

2. Go to a hardware store and get new UNPAINTED replacements - throw the rubber feet away along with all the painted screws.

3. Take sandpaper or a file or a knife and either scrape or sand away the paint from all wholes underneath where the screws will touch. I used a knife to scrape away and a drill bit held in my hand to shine up the surfaces. Those who are more intrepid might want to take the entire back off and shine up the surfaces where the grounding lugs touch the chassis. Do not get filings into the circuit board.

4. Snug up all screws with the new unpainted screw making sure all screws are now making metal to metal contacts.

I believe the power supply is grounded through the chassis. Stepping on the pedal squishes the rubber feet breaking the contact of the circuit board studs to the chassis. Good luck. Mine now works.

Re: Line 6 M5 doesn't respond, flashing screen, ticking noise
by tg8910 on 2012-11-12 22:32:59.7980

Wow! That really worked.... I had removed the feet and screws to mount on the pedal board. Had no idea I was mucking with the ground.

Scraped off the paint on the outside for better contact... also gave it a shot of DeOxit. used regular pedal screws (had to clip the top two). Now it's better than ever... Last time that it got wonky I had to update, which wiped all of my programming.

I was skeptical now I'm grateful


Re: Line 6 M5 doesn't respond, flashing screen, ticking noise
by ay8kjqtz2 on 2012-12-14 12:06:37.7370

Did this, too, with a used M5 I bought that was no longer in warranty.  Fixed the problem fully!

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