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Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-09 07:48:16.8020

My setup:

JTV59 - vdi - HD500 - L6link (aes/ebu) - DT25 combo

I had both channels A and B on the DT25 set to identical values for the sample AMERICAN CLEAN sound but with REVERB turned off for both.

On my HD500 I had a test patch that had BF DBL VIB PRE with default values.  I had DT25 set in Normal Volume mode and noticed I had to turn MASTER up to about 3 o'clock to get a decent volume out of it for this Fender Clean sound even just sitting at home.  I was turning the amp block on and off on the HD500 and watching the DT25 swap between channel A and channel B as I engaged and disengaged the amp block.  I was then comparing the sound of the DT25 with the sound of the amp sim via the HD500.

I decided to see what would happen in LVM - so I moved the LVM switch on the back of the DT25 to ON, the lettering on the front under the MASTER volume illuminated.  I noted that it made no difference when I had the amp sim on and I was using channel A, the volume seemed to be the same, however, when I switched the amp block off and the amp switched to channel B, then the volume increased dramatically (2 or 3 times louder) and sounded much more like a 25W valve amp at about 75% power.

I tried this a few times - the LOW VOLUME MODE made the channel B native volume very loud and did not affect the channel A volume.

Is my DT25 faulty?  Or am I doing something really dumb?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-09 07:59:11.8020

However - if MASTER volume is set to 12 o'clock or lower then Low Volume Mode is quieter - so it seems to work as designed when MASTER is less than 50%, but as MASTER moves above 50% then LVM seems to get progressively much louder than normal mode.   

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by geppert on 2012-10-09 08:13:27.2370

I noticead exactly the same thing on my DT25 head/cab and I found it very weird. How can the LVM be louder than the regular volume mode? You're right, this happens between 50-100% on the MV. I forget exactly which of my threads were responded to but check them out for some answers. There is an explanation for it. I ended up never really using LVM. Also, the "Classic American Clean" is by far the lowest in volume of the 4 NFL's. I had to use a gain boost in the POD500 to get that particular tone up to band level. At this juncture, I find myself using the Class A Chime (Vox AC30) tone more and more. Lot's of volume there. Also, on the American Clean tone, try using "Class A" (it defaults to Class A/B). You will get a bit more level on Class A..

There is a "learning curve" to this amp for sure.

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-10 08:23:18.7090

Thanks for the reply - I will check out your threads to see if I can find the answer - meanwhile it is good to know that it's not just me and that my DT25 is probably working as designed.

Anyone else got any views on this?  Thanks.

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-10 08:41:09.0620

Hi geppert,  I found your thread with the complete answer - entire thread needs to be read for all info and complete answer.

here it is:

In a nutshell: Low Volume Mode does not mean that the DT25 operates at a Low Volume - it means that it uses full amp models rather than just pre-amp models for the different topologies. It is designed so that when using the DT25 at a low volume level you can still get authentic overdriven amp sounds from it.  So when you use the DT25 at high volumes then it behaves very differently and in some cases the results are way louder!  So engage LVM only when the DT25 is being used at him on a setting below 50% master volume and you want your amp to sound like an amp being pushed hard but you still want the audible result to be nice and quiet so you don't disturb anyone.

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Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by geppert on 2012-10-10 09:23:19.7630

Edstar ... oh I've read everything through and through I just couldn't remember exactly where the thread was. Glad you found it.

Crusty (as well as others who replied) is pretty good with all this stuff.

The DT25 is a cool amp. (I also have a SV212 but only use it as a backup amp and as a 2 x 12 cab for gigs). So far, I haven't had any of the techincal problems with the DT25 as some others have had (and detailed in various threads). It is a bit of a learning curve especially if you have the 500 (as you do). LOT's of options. As I mentioned, I don't really use LVM at all. I think a better route if you want LVM is to get a power attenuator?

If you really like the American Clean you can get more level with the 500 but you have to do it correctly and not overdirve it. Lots of details on this forum for that. Meambobo's guide is killer. I use light compression at the end of the chain with a bit of additional output gain but lately I tend to use the AC30. Kind of like that tone for what I do.

Enjoy your amp.

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-11 02:13:27.1580

Thanks geppert.   Actually the comment about reading the entire thread with the answer was meant for others who might be reading this thread rather than for you - but I realise now that it does read as you interpreted it - so apologies for that.

I know Crusty always has great input and I am also aware of Meambobo's guide which has a ton of good info in it.

You are right there is certainly a "learning curve" for all this stuff.  It is fantastic to have so much flexibility but to get the best out of it you do need to spend significant time getting to know everything and how it works before you can really exploit it.  The flexibility adds complexity which unfortunately can and does put off the guitarists that just want to plug and play, and even those guitarists that are happy to tweak end up throwing in the towel because they can't get the sound they want after many hours of tweaking. The info everyone needs is out there if you can be bothered to go and dig it out or post questions on this extremely useful forum.

Thanks again for your help - enjoy your Line6 gear too !

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by geppert on 2012-10-11 09:54:18.9510

Edstar .... you are TOTALLY right on the money with the "tweekability quotient". The 500 is very deep. A local retailer told me "when a lot of my customers (especially the older crowd) hear the words "program, presets, editing, etc" they don't want to go near it". In otherwords, a nice Fender Amp with volume, tone, and reverb, is about as much "programming" they are capable of !~! I have a lot of experience with pro audio recording gear but I am still trying to tame the HD500 beast. The biggest differential I struggle with is "bedroom volume" vs "band volume". Tones are so different in those two extremes. I am starting to really enjoy the DT25 once Crusty suggested that I "think differently" about how it works. I haven't fired up the SV212 in a long time but I think I should just to get a comparison perspective. Now there's a LOUD amp !!! Like I said, I am finding the VOX AC30 to be working nicely for me at the moment. I am suprised however, that the Fender setup (Classic American Clean) is so low in volume compared to the other NFL's but I have found workarounds with the 500 to get enough band level. I would think for the most part, that plugging straight into a DT25 and trying to use C.A.C. at band levels would be virtually impossible? Sometimes, for the reserve power it offers, I wonder if I should have gone the DT50 route in the first place, but I think I am going to be able to make the DT25 work for my needs, since primarily, I am using a higher power NFL.

Re: Low Volume Mode Louder on DT25
by edstar1960 on 2012-10-11 13:45:10.1470

I agree that the classic American clean on the dt25 is nowhere near loud enough for band use and does not reall sound like 25 watts of valve power. Certainly using the Hd500 you can get huge amounts of volume out of the dt25, so much so that I wonder if it is safe to drive it that hard!

I also struggle with the home versus band level. You really have to tweak your sounds when rehearsing with the band to get them right. Our band never has a full rehearsal with our own gear so it's very difficult for me to get my sounds right. it took me months to get my JTV and X3L via a powered PA speaker right for the band. That is why I am being so cautious with the DT25 and HD500 as I Know I have not got the sounds right at home yet. I will get there eventually.

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