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Looking for opinions with M series vs analog
by rodney13 on 2012-10-10 04:23:35.8210

Have been using the M13 for a while now and of late have been comparing it with Analog pedals and noticed the following

Analog overdrive / Distortion pedals although might sound a little more true to life or detailed seem to have a harsher sound to them  where as the M13 ones to my ears to sound smoother or is that what digital does?

Its almost like the M13 Tube drive and screamer seem to have some natural compression that rounds out the top end

And ive also found that with the M13 Overdrives you have to crank up the effect volume (not gain) to get them to realy shine but thats hard to control on a 100 watt Plexi LOL

Re: Looking for opinions with M series vs analog
by wood on 2012-10-11 01:36:38.8650

I've used the m13 for a couple of years now. Untill now I've only used the Tubescreamer and the Tubedrive because I like them the most. I had a Maxon od808, but I think the m13 ts sounds better.

You can hear them in this video through a Brunetti Singleman tube combo

The lady singer in this video isn't a bandmember. We have never met her before, but the dj thought it was funny if we jammed a song with her on vocals

Another jam for fun, never heard this song before, but you can hear the quality of the M13 very well

Re: Looking for opinions with M series vs analog
by clarnibass on 2012-10-12 22:41:55.2060

I have the M9, same effects only less of them at the same time. Before buying it I considered seperate analogue effects instead. I rarely use distortion. I mostly use the reverbs, delays, mods and sometimes the filters. I compared and found that for what I need, not only I get a lot more from the M9, I also prefer the way it sounds.

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