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Pod HD500 with with amp/cab or loudspeaker????
by nickasone on 2012-10-11 03:00:44.2090

I recently bought a Pod HD500.
Just wondering what would be the best setup to use this in.
Im currently just running through a orange crush 35 watt practise amp and it sounds ok.
I wish to upgrade, either to

And orange 212 cab, with a power amplifier or a cheapish guitar head and run the pod as my preamp

Or get a powered loudspeaker like the mackie 1531, EV EXL115, or a QSC K12.  And run the pod direct in.

Has anyone tried these options, apperently the pod doesnt sound to good through amps so im leaning towards the mackie.

It has to be loud and powerful enough to use live as a stage monitor (Where a cab would go) whilst aslo going into the pa.  And loud enough just by itself for band practise.

I also have a limited budget of about 1100 Australian Dollars

Oh, i play heavy hardcore/metal with lots of gain.  Like for the fallen dreams, Legend, the ghost inside.

Can anyone recomend a method.

Re: Pod HD500 with with amp/cab or loudspeaker????
by meambobbo on 2012-10-11 08:44:18.3390

this topic is mentioned a lot, but the key terms are always switching, so it's hard to find a good sample post...

The main thing I think you need to consider the quality of the cab/mic sims, especially for metal, if you want to go the active loudspeaker route.  I have found they are a bit lacking for high-gain, but have found a method to improve upon them, by using "dual cabs".  I discuss this here:">">

Note, this uses dual amps, which takes up quite a bit of DSP.  If you want to use a full 8 effect chain, it's probably not possible using dual cabs.  You may not have much more room than a Distortion, EQ, and Reverb, and you probably can't use Spring Reverb.  If you like to use the Pitch Glide or Smart Harmony, you probably can't use Dual Cabs.

For single cabs, I'd try using the Hiway, XXL, and PhD cabs.  I'd turn down Res. Level on the Hiway but boost it on the XXL/PhD to get a good sound, and use either the 57 on, 57 off, or 409 Dyn mics.  Single cabs can be made to sound good, but I find I need "dual cabs" to sound great.

Using a real poweramp and cab, you won't have to worry about all this, but the downside is that you have less versatility - you only have one power amp tone and cab tone to work with.  If you're only looking for a few tones, using the Pod almost like a 3 or 4 channel amplifier plus effects pedalboard, then you'll be happy with this route.  If you want to emulate things from Van Halen to Meshuggah, you may prefer the active loudspeaker route.

anyway, either way has pro's and con's.  I'll refer to the real amp/cab route as "live" and running to a active loudspeaker/PA as "direct".


Pros: Probably better tone, more traditional guitar rig aesthetic, can explore options not provided in the Pod (4 cable method on an amp not modeled in the Pod, different cab choice)

Cons: More stuff to lug around, got to change tubes every so often (if you get a tube power amp), only get one power amp/cab tone (although the Pod's "live-voiced cabs can expand on this somewhat), have to mic your rig for louder gigs which can take more time or be a pain to get right, subject to speaker directionality


Pros: convenient to carry/setup, have more versatility with amp/cab/mic model choices, no speaker directionality to worry about, no retubing to worry about

Cons: onboard cab/mic sims probably aren't as good as a real mic'ed cab, not a traditional aesthetic

Re: Pod HD500 with with amp/cab or loudspeaker????
by mojah63 on 2012-10-16 17:11:45.2160

I've never had good luck with anything that has a crossover + tweeter or horn playing live with a modeler. My setup is pod hd500 rack 31 band eq power amp and one or two cabs 2x12. The speakers are Fane 12-150LT's. They are full range single drivers. Beyma makes a nicer driver 12ga50 but in the US they are expensive. I also found the dual patches didn't really transfer well live in mono, so I just use a single amp/cab in the pod. The Treadplate stock the way it's called up sounds good to me for heavy stuff and the Hiway does clean and med gain with the tube driver well. I didn't like the sm57's loud, live. I use the condensors or the ribbon. Also I don't use any reverb live, if I want some space it's either delays or the er on the mike sim. I play in a cover band. We cover a lot of ground from roots rock to 90's grunge... I wouldn't tweek any patches too much with headphones either.. Things sound different loud , Flecther Munson curve ....

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