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Why is my volume cutting out?
by pungkram on 2012-10-11 16:28:29.8160

Why is the volume cutting out on my pod hd pro?  I'll turn it on and sometimes I'll need to restart it to get full sound. It doesn't happen all the time.

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by CairnsFella on 2012-10-11 17:03:37.0230

Im not sure anyone could specifically tell you "why"?. At least, not unlesss they have had the same problem and diagnosed it. But given that its not settings related or suchlike, it does seem to be either a bug or a fault with your device. If it keeps happening, I'd suggest you take it back to be looked at.

As an aside, I had my first little glitch yesterday. HD edit wouldnt recognise the POD, and I have never disconneted it from the PC since I (recently) got the item. Line 6 monkey suggested the pod was there with unidentifiable firmware. Rebooting the PC didnt help, but repowering the HD did. Not a big issue I know, but its rare that I have had a USB recognition problem, and where I have its usually with cheap devices, not high end gear. Equally, unplugging / replugging the USB may have worked, but the rear of the PC is not so accessable, and I am basically scared to unplug the USB at the unit given the reprts of the socket failing.

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by pungkram on 2012-10-11 19:41:31.9580

Can't take it back. Ordered it from Musician friend dot com. I threw away the receipt a month or so after I got it. :(

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by daferalo on 2012-10-11 19:52:18.6910

You can call Musicians Friend for free and ask for a copy of the original receipt, they will send it to you by email. There is no problem at all!!

Best Regards,


Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by AzolHD on 2012-10-11 23:10:12.1460

One thing I noticed (I have HD Bean though) is if you are using some patch that has high Drive or Volume settings, but, say, corresponding knobs on the unit were set to 0 beforehand (even before you turned Pod HD on), you can experience sudden changes in volume. As many may know, these knobs sometimes react to unit vibrations etc so they can suddenly change the corresponding setting in your patch and then you'll experience sudden volume drop. You can switch to next patch then move back to previous one and the volume is restored.

This is not neccessarily the issue you experience, but at least make sure your knobs do not move all by themselves (because mine do it all the time )

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by Texxxxx on 2012-10-12 05:15:26.8460

There is something wrong with your HD Pro.

See these threads:

Line 6 Support was extremely helpful and patient when I had this same problem.  I now have an HD Pro that works perfectly.  I suggest you open a support ticket.  Be warned, it can be a slow process; I was patient and it was very rewarding for me. 

Log in, go to your account, click on 'Support Tickets' in the left hand column, and then click 'open new ticket', which is in red next to the large red heading 'Support Tickets'.

BTW...I'm sure Daf is correct about contacting MF for a copy of your receipt...I always just log into my MF account and either screen-shoot, or print out a past receipt.

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by rafgys on 2013-01-30 08:23:48.2030

Add another one to the list. My HD Pro is having exactly the same problem: volume drop on first (or second) startup - a third startup still fixes the problem (but for how long??). Once I get starting, I'm usually OK - I haven't experienced volume drops once it's started up OK.

It's just as if it "needs to warm" up. I'm pretty sure it's related with the guitar input (normally have the unit also connected via USB, but already tried disconnecting that). 

I've done "global settings reset", and that indeed seemed to help for a while, but lately the problem is occurring more often again (and a global settings reset yesterday, followed by a complete flash reload of 2.10, including overwriting my own presets, didn't help anymore).

What does seem to help, is starting up the unit WITHOUT a guitar cable plugged in, and leaving it on for a short time (30 sec - 1 min or so) before plugging in (hence my statement that the unit "needs to warm" up, if that makes any sense?). In that case, I rarely have the problem - and I hope I can continue using it this way for the time being. 

Worse is, that I've bought my POD second hand (was only 4 months old, now just over a year, so if I need a replacement, I hope Musicstore in Koln still lets me bring in my unit for repair with the warranty of the original owner). Better of course would be a firmware upgrade that gets rid of this problem ...

I can post a video of my unit starting up on low volume if you like, but in fact it's exactly the same problem as in the recording steenhuis made">">

I never tried firmware 1.3, so I don't know if that would solve the problem, but at the moment I have no intention to do so unless my unit completely fails (I love the Soldano models).

By the way: I also have POD HD500 and POD Bean, using the same patches without any problems (always use same input - global Guitar + Mic, and can drag & drop my patches between the editors). I think switching from preset inputs to global inputs has also given less problems for a certain time. I don't think it's a problem that "patch-related", unless it's related with the patch input setting (since resetting inputs and using global inputs did seems to help for certain periods).

Are you guys always powering up the unit with your guitars already plugged in, as I used to do? Have you tried starting up and waiting 30 seconds before plugging in? Please let me now if that helps - it may help the line6 techs in the right direction (and solve the problem in a future firmware upgrade?)

Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by Jamesdt on 2013-02-11 01:27:22.6030

Hei there,

I am having the same problem. When i start the HD Pro, adter 2-3 seconds it does the volume drop. Its fustrating

Yesterday at the rehersal room, everyone was waiting for me to start it up. I cant remember how many times i kept turning it on and off.

I bought the unit from in Augus. I have all the pappers and waranty,but they are under a different name (a friend of mine bought the unit

online, from Austria. I am from Romania, and i was working in Austria at that time, and i didnt have any credit cards or bank account to make the order online)

Do you think thoman will accept the waranty, if it`s under another name, as long as i have all the original pappers?

I followed "rafgys" and this morning i started the unit without the guitar cable plugged in (the USB was connected to my PC)

I started the unit, waited about 1-1.5 minutes and then pluged the cable, and it worked fine.

I hope this will solve the problem, i dont feel like sending the unit back to Romania->Germany and back, it will take a long time, and i need the unit.

I will keep u guys posted on the startup glitch. Every times i start the unit, I will keep the cable out. Next week i ill update.

Thanks allot!


Re: Why is my volume cutting out?
by Jamesdt on 2013-02-18 14:46:43.8820

It`s been a week since i last posted.

When i start the Pod Hd Pro, i leave the master low and the input cable out. I wait for it to do its

loading in the Pod Hd Edit program, and when it`s finishet i plug the cable in.

I didn`t had an problems all last week. I start it around 2-3 times a day, i had no problems whatsoever.

Hope it works for you guys also

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