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Wifi issue.
by Zermy on 2012-10-12 06:11:45.9750

Here's my ticket support whit Line6. (I don't have any update seen yesterday)

My iPad2 (iOs 6.0) can't connect. I got a AE1000, I connect my iPad in the setting. Than I open de remote app, I see the m20d click on it, than enter the PIN number And I got a message that tell me can't connect try to be closer or change channel. I have try the 11 channels ont. Any idea


Hello sir,

Have you tried to reinstall the app?  I experienced a similar issue when we first updated our iPad to iOS 6.  In that case, I reinstalled the iPad app and everything has worked fine since. 

Please try this and let me know if it does or does not resolve the problem.  Feel free to let me know any other questions, comments or concerns that you may have as well.


Line 6 Customer Support


Hi Jon, I reinstall the app and it's not working more, same issue. FYI I don't have any wifi line on my iPad for the signal, is it normal? I juste see the bleu check.

I really love the mixer, it's bad that i got this issue...

FYI, The USB work find on a computer.

Someone have any idea?


Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-12 10:32:06.8750

Hello Zermy

I have experienced the same "can't connect" message.  I found it was due to interference from other wi-fi in the area.  Have you had this happen at more than one location?  Are you also operating a computer with its wi-fi turned on near to the mixer?

Re: Wifi issue.
by Zermy on 2012-10-12 15:43:01.8070

I've tried whit à IPad 1 on iOs 5.1.1 And it's work just perfect! At the same place, whit the same hardware around so I think that the app have some trouble working whit iOS 6.0.

Re: Wifi issue.
by Dougdrums on 2012-10-12 17:29:30.5480

I have an iPad 2 with iOS 6 and I don't have any problems at all.  I use the engenius dongle sometimes , but more recently the apple airport express.  So it can't be a problem with the app. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-12 19:02:13.3160

The app works fine with OS6.  You need to still rule out  local interference.  Even in the same place the interference may be different at different times.

Are you in clear line of site?

Re: Wifi issue.
by Zermy on 2012-10-13 06:50:46.6050

I was trying the 2 Ipads at the same time, 1 feet of the M20d. I 'll try to close all other apps in the ipad 2 to see if there's no app that cause retriction.

Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-13 14:27:02.4860

That's fine ... but you still need to rule out local RF interference.  When you look on your iPad for wireless networks does it show any others besides M20d?

Try using a single iPad.  When you run multiple wi-fi devices they interfere with each other.  Such is the nature of wi-fi.

Also being that close could be a problem.  It could overload the front end of the wi-fi dongle.  Try backing away a couple of feet.

Can you try with a different dongle or can you try your dongle and iPad with a different mixer?

I'm assuming that somewhere in testing that you have re-booted your iPad and the M20d?

Re: Wifi issue.
by Fuaimador on 2012-10-17 01:37:53.6220

dboomer wrote:

I'm assuming that somewhere in testing that you have re-booted your iPad and the M20d?

I have just had the same problem......FULL re-boot of both sorted things out.........the next time this happens I will try rebooting the iPad only, as this may be the only option during a gig. Thanks

Re: Wifi issue.
by euclidwarner on 2012-10-19 17:08:37.4960

I have somewhat of a similar problem with wifi. When I try to connect my iPad to the mixer and it sees more than one wifi I cannot connect. It sees the wireless adaptor in the mixer but the iPad is not syncing. Is there a way to add higher frequencies on the mixer so it does not get interference from the lower gigahertz since the adapters are dual band?

Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-19 19:31:18.4640

You can run N band at 5 GHz but you must use an external router and not the wi-fi dongle.  Use the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter cable to the router.  Check for more info in the documents section of this forum.

Re: Wifi issue.
by euclidwarner on 2012-10-20 16:02:47.3660

I have the same wifi problem, i bought the Ae 1000 and had the problem, I went and bought the Engenius adaptor, still the same problem. The Mixer is a Gem but the wifi sucks. Line 6 need to address this issue real fast

Re: Wifi issue.
by euclidwarner on 2012-10-21 05:50:17.5200

Please explain how to connect. Does this mean that the 5gig router is connected to the mixer itself via the USB adaptor port and then the iPad will pick it up via the apple Ethernet adaptor.

Re: Wifi issue.
by euclidwarner on 2012-10-21 06:04:20.3560

These people claim that the routers are dual band but how do you change from one band to another. I see 11 channels on my mixer but they don't go pass 2.4gightz. I am totally confused for I am trying to avoid using a snake and replace it with wifi from the iPad

Re: Wifi issue.
by euclidwarner on 2012-10-21 06:19:22.3330

I have done all the updating I could by reinstalling the stag escape app to bring it in sync with the latest iPad software update and still the same problem. I live on a tiny island in the Caribbean so the only IPad store I have access to is on the Internet in Miami and its very frustrating when I have to order anything. I think line6 dropped the ball on this one

Re: Wifi issue.
by blomasky on 2012-10-21 09:21:27.4750

While I did like the idea (size, and no need for another power outlet) of using a wifi dongle, my suggestion is to just pretend it does not exist and buy the USB to Ethernet adaptor from Apple and then your fav. small wireless router.  (I love the apple airport express for $100 bucks.).  This is ROCK SOLID!  The mixer is connected to the router via an ethernet cable, this is bombproof.  The router is dual-band and transmits on both 2.4G and 5G.  It is like there are 2 routers in one.  You can have your IPad connect to which ever one is better.  I have had this working for 3 days straight at a jam with zero drop outs.)

Bottom line, you paid $2,500 for a world class mixer, spend the extra $130 and you will have excellent remote connection.


Re: Wifi issue.
by choffer74 on 2012-10-22 03:32:13.7000

but having a router is not really an option when you're having to setup the whole pa system each time you use it! Surely line 6 should be able to sort out a solution to this!

Re: Wifi issue.
by blomasky on 2012-10-22 06:24:14.9830

I dont understand about the problem with the router during setup.  using the wifi dongle required you to plug it into the USB jack.  using the router requires me to plug it into the USB jack "AND" plug it into power.  No config, nothing else to wire up.  maybe 30 more seconds!


Re: Wifi issue.
by eukieb on 2012-10-22 18:51:48.7460

Bruce, thanks for this information. Will call my sis in Canada to get the necessary stuff. Hope FedEx does not let me down cuz I have a Gig on Saturday and will need the wifi to avoid the snake. By the way what sort of distance from the mixer are we looking at before drop out?

Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-22 19:05:16.3350

The range you get is going to depend on wi-fi conditions in the venue. In some rooms I get 25 feet and in others I can get over 100 feet.  You will likely get greater range with an external router than with a dongle.  That's just because they are likely stronger and because you can place the antenna up higher.  Line of sight is important  to maximizing range.

Re: Wifi issue.
by dboomer on 2012-10-22 19:09:27.5780

"I love the apple airport express "

A cool feature operating this way is that you can simultaneously stream music from iTunes back to the mixer while running the remote app.

Re: Wifi issue.
by jeffsaunders on 2012-10-23 06:12:43.4340

This is how I set mine up (using a router). It works great as long as nothing else is being used on the router (like splashtop or remote desktop).  Also, my specific router drops the line-6 when using my shure wireless microphones.  My lectrosonics microphones don't have the same issue (tried all the channels on the router, but no luck). I would definately suggest going the 5 GHz route if you decide to go w/the router setup.

Re: Wifi issue.
by Zermy on 2012-10-23 14:39:30.6020

It's working now. But it's hard to connect sometime I need to do that sevrel time. I need to close all others app, make sure that the auto connect is on, close the iPad than open it. And let the iOS connect whit the network. Than open the SS app.

Re: Wifi issue.
by choffer74 on 2012-10-31 09:12:10.0010

hi bruce,

Can you just confirm that using something like the following 2 products will give me bulletproof wireless connectivity:

If as you say its only a 30 second setup then of course thats fine. I havent seen the m20d in action and therefore cant picture the actual steps in setting up the wireless connection (and havent currently got an iPad!)


Re: Wifi issue.
by Dougdrums on 2012-10-31 20:49:02.9330

i had some issues, but as time went on they disapeared.  i use wifi router , new apple express , plug in and go. easy.  make sure your in the right hole!!!! as always. !!!

Re: Wifi issue.
by SirChipALot on 2013-01-27 15:03:14.1410

Turn off iPad. Turn iPad back on. Worked for me after weeks of techy troubleshooting!

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