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HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by MadYarpen on 2012-10-13 05:41:37.4510

Hi guys,

I am using my POD HD300 for couple of months already, and there is one thing I can’t get rid of. I feel I tried everything, and I’m starting to wonder whether there is something wrong with my POD or with my head.

First of all, this issue is present now, with 2.01 update, and was with 1.31 firmware I started with (hope I didn’t mix numbers;)).

Since English is not my first language, it is a bit difficult to talk about sounds, so I recorded some samples.

My problem is that (mostly when I play strings E1-G3 higher up the neck, but on thicker strings it is simply harder to hear) sound is like... weaving, and there is some kind of very ugly digital “distortion” especially right after hitting a string. I would describe it as some sound artifacts that should not be there. It refers mostly to playing single notes. Power chords are more or less OK, but playing solos, what I’m slowly starting to try, is painful. And this issue is present when I use any preset which is more than crunch.

I use Jackson js32 RT Dinky, with merlin pickups. Under the bridge there is hellfire, high output humbucker (pure violence in a little box, Vader uses them, but they are locally made in Poland, so I guess you don’t know these), and under the neck there is Legend –stronger p-up than a PAF, but not yet a mid-high output thing.

What have I tried? Well none of knobs in HD edit is set in extreme position, that is for a start.

I tried to roll off volume knob on my guitar, but this is not why I have high output beast there, right? It doesn’t seem to help, anyway. And what is more important – the issue is even worse with neck pickup which is nowhere near as strong. So output level is not a problem if you ask me.

I’ve tried to put master volume knob on the POD as high as possible, and rolled off channel volume.

I’ve lowered pickupus as much as possible from E1 side.

I’ve made factory reset today.

NOTHING helps. It is there both when I plug POD to the computer by USB and when it is unplugged.

So, here we go. Samples and hd edit screens. There is no playing there, just wanted to show the problem, so prepare for your ears bleeding;) First few power chords, and then single notes with all other strings perfectly muted. First with bridge, than the same with neck p-up.

1. File:">">,


2. File:">">,


3. File:">">


Here is a sample which shows exactly my problem – just G string played on some high frets (I’ve touched other string once but in 99% they are muted and only G string is being played) – settings the same as in first sample">">

Similar thing with A and E strings, first on bridge, second one on neck p-up.



Any suggestions what can be the reason? Because I don’t think it is like it should be. And I really need your help, you see I tried hard to solve it on my own...

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Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by MadYarpen on 2012-10-14 13:10:36.2530


I tried to play with EQ placement, but it doesn't help. It looks like POD has problem with high frequencies, and when I hit strings on high frets it is clipping...

Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by meambobbo on 2012-10-15 13:59:19.4130

i have a hd 500, so I'm not sure how much of this is accurate for the 300, but i might as well try...

i see you've got several things i'd watch out for.

1) Amp's Ch. Vol > 50%.  Try backing off of this and compensating volume elsewhere.  In the HD 500, there are a number of ways to boost later in the chain.  In the 300/400, this might be more difficult.  As a rule of thumb, I keep this control very conservative, however.

2) You have a Parametric EQ after the amp model.  Any kind of hot input into this will cause clipping, even if you're not very close to maxing out the Pod's internal resolution.  Try toggling this on and off to see if that fixes the issue, and if so back off the signal level before it hits this EQ.

3) If you have very hot pickups you can clip the Pod's input A/D converter.  See if you can get clipping when using the tuner or a completely empty patch.  See if rolling off the guitar's volume knob fixes the issue.  If so, I would suggest lowering your pickups so that they no longer clip the Pod.

for more advice:">">

Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by MadYarpen on 2012-10-15 14:37:34.1050

I have pickups as low as possible. Turning EQ off doesn't really help, if it does - improvement is marginal. And rolling off guitar's volume - I have to roll it off so much that preset is no more a high gain. When I add drive to get back to this territory (although in fact volume is rolled of so much that I can't entirely achieve that), clipping is also back. And what is most important - clipping is worse on the pickup with WEAKER signal all the time.

This is just so weird.

Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by meambobbo on 2012-10-15 21:51:29.7260

you shouldn't have to roll it off that much...hmm.  the only other thing I can think is that the Gate isn't just a gate - it is a "noise reducer" which changes how the tone sounds.  This can thin out the EQ before the amp, causing the amp to get a nastier breakup.

Also, does rolling off a bit on your tone knob improve the tone - sometimes an overabundance of treble causes distortion to get a bit splatty sounding.

Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by MadYarpen on 2012-10-16 12:29:49.3000

I'll test these settings for couple of days. changing a tone all the way to the "muddy as shit" position made clipping disapear. I think. But, the thing is I have knob which you can turn and turn, and only at the end it changes to muddier sound - and it goes to this most muddy territory at once. I think it is because the knob is logarytmic while it should be linear, so that you could change tone all the way - but it is only my gues, I know nothing about electrical stuff. I will get it changed.

Also, turning noise gate off didn't help - I think. I will give it  time.

We will see, I'll report back in some time. Thanks for the help so far.

While we are at it - should I change for linear tone knob, or rather second for volume? What I mean is generally I don't need tone knob. But if I take it out let's say, will my POD will be ok with it?

Re: HD 300 - digital clipping, POD can't deal with high frequencies?
by meambobbo on 2012-10-16 15:01:43.9530

the pod shouldn't "care" whether it's there or not, but your tone WILL change - probably a slight increase in high frequencies.  volume and tone pots are run in parallel to ground, which reduces the total resistance of them by 1/2.  more resistance = less treble bleed.

in any case, you can compensate inside the Pod via EQ, although that is more limited with the Pod HD 300.

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