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POD HD300 - Help me make a great metal tone (and possibly mix)!
by BadDevil on 2012-10-13 06:37:09.5420

So here's the deal guys,

I'm an 18 year old student in a heavy metal band and I want to start recording our stuff and other local bands material.

Problem is, I cannot seem to create a tone that sits well in a mix or that sounds professional enough (i've heard to many demos and EP's that sound like ass).

I'm using Logic Pro 9 as my DAW.

Toontrack's Ezdrummer + Metal Machine EZX for the drums.

Ideally I'd want this mix (and hell that guitar sound too)">"> (The Metal Machine EZX was used in this I believe for the triggers)

But that was done in a big fancy studio, i'm here in my bedroom with a POD HD300.

So here's a sample of the drum kit (with a small amount of EQ and a compressor on) Cut and paste and work with it ect.">">

I know this is a pretty long shot, but if you could help me that would be fantastic (it would be helping anyone else who wants this too), the High Gain help guide that's been stickied is kind of helpful in places but the tones are basically all in .h5e instead of .h3e so are pretty much useless to me.

Just make sure you detail (screenshot, write down, type out ect)  the settings you use on the POD or on your DAW (EQ's and added effects ect are all pretty similar and easy to replicate on most DAW's), e.g. any EQ'ing outside of the POD on the DAW (I often use post EQ to get anything near useable)

Hope you guys can help me with this, all I want is for my recordings and mixes and for other peoples to sound absolutely killer from the bedroom.

Any questions, just ask!


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