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Tone at start of video?
by lindsayward on 2012-10-14 06:58:11.6120

Hi. I would like to know (from Line 6?) what the tone is at the very start (first 25 seconds) of the recent line6movies clip on Youtube, "The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part I"

The video has Sean Halley playing some nice stuff and a link to his profile on customtone, but I have just downloaded the tones from customtone but can't find the one that I went there for...

What is the tone at the very start of the video? That's the best and the one I want (sounds like a strat + Fender amp maybe?).

Please let me know, thanks!

Re: Tone at start of video?
by lindsayward on 2012-10-21 15:11:01.0480

Hi. I'm just bumping this to see if anyone else would take a look and let me know either what it actually is (assume only Line 6 could answer this), OR how to get a tone like this.


Re: Tone at start of video?
by guitar54 on 2012-11-20 14:13:58.0950


Re: Tone at start of video?
by seanhalley on 2012-11-29 13:54:27.6260

Howdy howdy - sorry for my lateness. I don't normally do the forum thing (hella busy :-).

In any case, obviously, any of the vids you see from me are 100% from me musically as well, so I'm definitely the guy to ask about any noises you may hear in my vids :-)

The little musical number was done in December of 2011, right before NAMM. I was prepping for the show (and in a time crunch) and was in the middle of tracking a record, so I just used the rig that I had set up in the studio that day to save time.

That entire tune is my dark blue JTV69, using the magnetic single coil pickups (on that guitar, the two single coils were swapped for Suhr ML's - that's my live guitar, and I needed a bit more low mids from the neck and middle magnetics). They were run through my big board (see my "Crazy Pedalboard Demo" video) and a couple of extra pedals, and then into the custom 3-channel Suhr head that John built me.

You're absolutely right - the clean channel on that amp is kind of like a modified Super Reverb :-)

If you want to get close to that sound direct using your L6 stuff and POD HD, use either Spank 5 or your neck single coil, and dime one of the Fender models - gain and master on 10, turn Sag to 100%, 4x12 cab with Greenbacks and the 121 mic. Pluck the notes with the fingers on your right hand (meaning don't use a pick) right over the neck pickup of your guitar, and you'll have something really really close :-)

Hope that helps...


Re: Tone at start of video?
by hurghanico on 2012-11-29 15:05:40.8610

Incredible that you Sean have answered the question directly ..

we have to write this special event on the calendar

Thanks a lot for all the details
and congratulations on your mastery of the guitar

Surely many of us in this forum would appreciate very much to get useful advices from you on how to best use our HDs ..
and so come back again to visit us in this forum when you can
PS: what you mean with: "gain and master on 10"?... 10 o'clock or full open?
if the answer was "full open" are you leveling the amp/drive with your guitar volume control?

Re: Tone at start of video?
by lindsayward on 2012-11-29 17:16:14.9760

Hello Sean,

Indeed, thank you so much for posting here (only the 3rd time it says). We appreciate it!!

I was a bit disappointed to here it wasn't a POD + Variax tone... Could I ask you (challenge you?!) to create one and post it on customtone (then comment here again)?

(I'd also like to know the answer to hurghanico's question about the gain being on 10, since this doesn't sound like full gain to me.)

Your tips here are useful and I'll give it a try, but it would be super to be able to get a tone file made by you. I'd love that and I know a lot of others would as well.


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