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Recording with XD V-75 ?
by Jessycd on 2012-10-15 14:55:59.4530

Hi !

Just one stupid question but did someone tried to record some vocals (Or instruments) with a XD V ?

I know it is a dynamic but some people seems to achieve good results (I read this on GearSlutz forum)

Those XD V75 seem awesome but it's not cheap so I prefer to think of every things I could do with it ! Stage + rehearsals for sure, but if I can add recording that would be a blast !

What do you think ?

Thank you !

Re: Recording with XD V-75 ?
by RonMarton on 2012-10-15 16:48:18.0960

First off, Jessy...

It ain't a stupid question...

Spending the cash without asking, that would be stupid !

I've been lucky enough to have spent roughly half a century wandering the world capturing performances of all kinds, (from Hip-Hop to Bollywood to Opera via Country to Rock and Jazz) arranging pick-up, mixing live, broadcasting and recording them for TV and radio. (A click on my pink avatar at left will take you to details of my current location rig, one that depends on Line 6 XD-V gear for most signal acquisition.)

As you'd expect, I've heard (and keep hearing) lots of myths and misinformation regarding all aspects of audio, just one of them being that thousands of dollars worth of studio condenser mic is the "only" way to record a vocalist.

Be assured that the two most vital and accurate evaluation systems in the wide world of audio are located at nose-level on either side of your head.

That's right, YOUR ears will tell you if a recording is actually faithful to the original performance or not.

The actual technology involved in making that recording only becomes relevant should it not achieve the desired result.

As I write this, someone, somewhere, is recording a "killer" vocal using a dynamic mic, ...while someone else is doing the same with a ribbon and a third is doing likewise with a condenser, be it valve or solid state.

As for Line 6 XD-V systems, I believe that acquiring comparable noise-free transparency in delivering signals from source to mixer with comparable ruggedness and flexibility will cost between three and five times as much using wireless systems from other manufacturers.

I know of no other that approaches the breathtaking versatility of Line 6's unique digital modeling, which (to my old ears) accurately re-creates the character of almost any mic "style" that you could want for your recording of vocals.

As you'll see from my profile, I also depend on adapter cables (with the occasional external Deneke phantom supply) into XD-V beltpacks for acquiring sound from a variety of instrument mics such as AKG, Audix, Beyer, Brüel & Kjaer, DPA, Neumann, Schoeps and Sennheiser.

Bear in mind that I'm neither affiliated with, nor do I have any particular loyalty to, Line 6 or any other manufacturer. 

Re: Recording with XD V-75 ?
by Jessycd on 2012-10-16 06:36:52.9540

Hi !

Ok ! That is very interesting ! Thank you very much !

That sucks because there's not much videos about people singing (Or even recording) in the XD V-75... (Btw I'm interested in the wireless handheld microphone version but you probably guessed)

But I'll buy it more confidently now, thanks Ron

And I was considering to buy a TC Helicon Correct XT to use when recording at home or live. Good or bad idea ?

Re: Recording with XD V-75 ?
by RonMarton on 2012-10-16 06:51:20.7460

I've chatted to lots of very happy TC Helicon users...

All I can tell you is that a Line 6 XD-V receiver (at its default settings) will plug straight into the Correct XT's rear "mic in" XL socket and sound like the mic being modeled in the handheld transmitter...

...and that it seems to me that the Correct XT has a great range of facilities for the price.

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