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Need some help in EQing
by Cryptomancer on 2012-10-15 16:29:52.8360

Hello there, I have made a preset in my POD HD500 for Killswitch Engage, but I feel the tone need some EQ.

I do not have any idea about EQing and do not know what kind of equalizer/position of equalizer that I must add.

I would be thankful if someone can help me getting it right.">">


Edit: Guitar is ESP LTD MH-1000FR/EMG PU

Re: Need some help in EQing
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2012-10-15 16:32:37.2150

It would be better if you could post a clip demonstrating, with your guitar and pickups, what the problem is.  Tone file sharing is great and all, but without your specific setup we're just guessing.

Re: Need some help in EQing
by Cryptomancer on 2012-10-15 16:37:17.6210

You are right. My guitar isESP LTD MH-1000FR/ EMG PU

I use POD HD500 and reaper. I will try to record a track and upload it here.

Anyway, basic ideas about EQing to get a metal tone can be helpful.

Thank you!

Re: Need some help in EQing
by meambobbo on 2012-10-15 21:53:06.3020

i brief but on topix:">">

Re: Need some help in EQing
by Cryptomancer on 2012-10-16 08:08:13.1560

Thank you for the site seems useful and well done!

I'm trying to get a metalcore tone same as Andy James' tone. Can I get it using the POD HD500 and the guide in website above? I have tried some of the metalcore patches from the website, but they are not close for the tone that I want. I do not know how to describe the characteristics of his tone. It is in the link">">

I hope you can help me getting that tone since you are professional user of the POD HD500.

Sorry for burdening you.

Edit: Sound recording has been uploaded using the POD HD500 preset as a an attempt to get a metalcore tone like Andy's tone.

Re: Need some help in EQing
by Cryptomancer on 2012-10-16 16:29:14.2230

I have uploaded mp3 as a tone test. Please check it and guide me to the good metalcore tone similar to Andy James' tone.

Re: Need some help in EQing
by meambobbo on 2012-10-17 14:12:50.3150

hey man, several problems i'm seeing in your patch.

1) Noise Gate is set up high.  The standard "Noise Gate" is not just a gate, it's a "noise reducer" and can suck tone when Threshold is as high as you have it.  Use a Hard Gate for a true gate without tone suck.

2) Screamer settings seem crazy.  With the EMG-81 I assume you have in the bridge (which I'm assuming you're using for your rhythm tone), you should have a high output, bright tone.  From the clips I listened to, I would have guessed you had a Fred or something dark as your pickup.  Your Screamer settings are making the patch way too dark.  I would leave Bass at 50% or lower it maybe to 40%.  But really, the Bass/Treble settings don't even exist on a real Screamer.  The Tone knob is what everyone uses to get their ideal filter tone.  Start with Bass, Treble, and Tone at 50% and move tone up and down until things start sounding where you want them.

3) Everything has too much gain.  You shouldn't need that much at all.  Usually people use a Screamer or boost pedal in front with 0% to 15% Drive - that keeps the pedal from adding distortion, just a bit of compression.  It acts as a filter/mids-boost, which causes your amp to distort differently - tighter and more focused.  I suggest starting with 0% Drive, 100% output, and then toying with the amp Drive starting at 50%.

4) Input Settings Guitar+Aux means you're getting the noise of Aux into your tone.  Set Input 1 to just guitar.  Set Input 2 to Variax.

5) Why do you want to use Dual Amps?  I'm not a fan of this - I find they interfere with each other more than anything.  I see you have them panned hard left/right.  I would focus on one good mono tone first.  Then make another.  If you want them on the same track, record them separately.  True double-tracking always sounds better than panning 2 tones hard left/right.

6) Why are you using the "pre" models?  If you're trying for a direct tone, you will probably prefer the "full" models - they have more bite and aggression to my ear.

I cover all of these topics in the guide I linked you to.  At the top and bottom of the page are links back to the table of contents.  Go there, and you can access everything in-depth.  Or just read through the "quick guide" page.  It's labeled II. Quick Guide.

Re: Need some help in EQing
by meambobbo on 2012-10-17 14:14:01.4930

and here's my last killswitch patch:">">

it needs an update, but it's pretty good as is.

Re: Need some help in EQing
by Cryptomancer on 2012-10-17 20:09:31.6780

I appreciate your notes. I believe that you are understanding what I'm trying to achieve.

I use the pre models because I have tried the full models and I have found them noisy and lacking djenty. Perhaps,  I could not tweak them correctly.

I will try to tweak the patch that i have paid according to your notes and guide. Also, I will try your KSE patch. I'm trying to get a tone similar to that one in their song "The End of Heartache". Hopefully, it is meant in your patch .

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